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Von Miller's Absence Means Offense Must Step Up

Von Miller is inactive for the Broncos today. That one hurts, but also is an opportunity. There are still those divided about the who, what and why on the Broncos turnaround. Some say the defense is getting left out of the conversation while others feel Tim Tebow should get all the credit. The truth always lies in the middle, but there is no doubting Miller's impact on the Broncos defensive turnaround.

With Miller out, however, the Broncos may need to score more than 17 points to get a win today. Even with a rookie playing quarterback, the Vikings have been averaging 21 points per game, even with Adrian Peterson out. The Broncos had a challenge in front of them anyway and without Miller it gets that much harder.

Today is Tim Tebow's chance - and the offense as a whole - to score some points and help a defense that has been keeping the team in games for large portions the offense hasn't gotten it done. Today the offense needs to play 60 solid minutes of football to help a short-handed defense out.

All three phases of a football team need to be cranking on all cylinders to win consistently. At times, however, a team needs one side of the football to step up. Today is one of those days, I feel, for the Broncos offense.