There's no crying in football

This is a post about the influence sport plays in our lives and how a team, more importantly a player, can affect our attitudes and beliefs. I have had the opportunity to follow this site for some time and have yet to feel the need to post, until now. During the away game against the Kansas City Chiefs, my wife who is a Pediatric Physical Therapist got a call that changed our perspective on the Broncos and Tim Tebow. The call came from a young, unwed mother of a physically disabled child letting us know that he passed. Nothing prepares you for the heartache that the death of a child leaves you with. Follow me after the jump for more . . .

Ethan was born early and had many physical challenges from day one. He was in and out of intensive care and would need constant care for the rest of his life. His mother was at the time a high school drop out and his father was not involved with his life. At one point, his grandfather even suggested that they put him up for adoption because he saw a tough challenge that would place pressure on the very fabric of their lives. His mother saw the courage and unwaivering love this child possessed and started a life change. She finished school and went so far as to become Ethan's nurse so that she could care for him with every ounce of her being. She is a hero in a situation that had all the odds stacked against her. Her love and her God would walk her through this. She would win regardless of the odds that faced her. Believing is so much of life and making the best out of tough situations is what makes us who we are.

Ethan was also a huge fan of the Broncos. Although he could not walk and could not talk, it was clear that he had the spirit we all do as fans. During his funeral, there were signs of this everywhere. A teddy bear wearing his Tim Tebow jersey sat front and center. The video's that were played you could hear Rockies games and sports in the background. His family enjoyed spending every second they had with him and loved to watch our beloved Broncos together to share with him the thrill that football gives us. He was a fan just as we all are. He passed away during a football game and since that moment, he has been a big part of the Broncos season for us. He embodies the spirit of this team. When most were giving up, he and his family believed and stuck with it, just like our team.

Tim Tebow, as we all are well aware, is a man that represents his God. I'm not overly religious, but am starting to become more so as I get older and see all the good we have in our family and lives. I don't know how I can be so lucky without some higher being. I'm not saying that God is on our team, no, I'm saying that we as people can be affected by our beliefs and can be persuaded through tough situations by relying on our faith. Tim does this every game. When we are faced with situations that make or break our lives or games, I want to believe and find strength in that belief. The Broncos do. Ethan and his mother do.

Ethan's death affected me in ways that I didn't know I could be. I have now become a even more ardent Broncos fan. I've also learned that people are tougher than I ever imagined and that people have a purpose in life. Ethan touched so many people in his short time, but that was what he was sent to do. He made us all better. I think that Tim has this same effect on our team. He makes us better as people and makes us believe in each other. After every game winning score, I think to myself, how did we do that? How can we do this so many times? It's because we believe as a team we can.

Faith gives us strength. Tim has faith and his teammates have faith. I have faith in Tim and in our Broncos. If the season ended today, I would think this season was the greatest ever. It's because of Ethan and Tim.

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