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Broncos playing in January? Denver Broncos Postseason Ticket Invoices Mailed Today!

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Dear Denver Broncos Season Ticket Holder,

The Broncos are competing, along with several other AFC teams, for a Postseason appearance. Due to the competitiveness of the American Conference of the National Football League, the teams qualifying for Postseason play may not be determined until the final NFL regular season game on Sunday, January 1, 2012.

To prepare for the logistics of potentially hosting two playoff games, the Broncos have been required by the National Football League to send postseason ticket information to 2011 season ticket account holders. The combination of the NFL Playoff format, the number of playoff contending teams, and the limited time to print and distribute tickets necessitates the NFL and the Broncos to establish a deadline of Friday, December 23rd to remit your payment.

You have been invoiced for both potential home playoff games. Should a game not be hosted in Denver, the ticket balance will be credited to your 2012 season ticket package.

A printed invoice was mailed to the address on your account on December 5.

This was the email that sat atop my email inbox this morning as I began my day. Tebow lovers and detractors alike will be interested to know that the 2011 Postseason is quickly approaching and as it appears now, the Broncos have as good a shot as ever to play in January. It's amazing to think that after last year's abysmal showing and our equally awful 1-4 start this season, that the playoffs could be something more than a fantasy at this point in the season.

Assuming the Broncos do indeed make the playoffs by winning the AFC West, there will be at least one home game and depending on the outcome of the first week of playoff action, possibly another. With four weeks left in the regular season, is it too precocious to go ahead and place the order now? Could this jinx the Broncos? How long should one wait before jumping in with their wallet?

It's an exciting time indeed to be a Denver Broncos fan.