Obective View on Tebow

Let me start off by saying that as a die hard Bronco fan that I haven't been this excited or this confident about our TEAM since our 2005 AFC championship run. I emphasize team because that is exactly what this group is. From top to bottom, from Xanders to Woodyard, from Elway to Kyle McCarthy, our entire organization deserves equal credit for putting together these recent string of victories to put us in the front running to win the west and host a home playoff game. Before I give you guys my opinion on Tim Tebow. Let me elaborate my background as a Bronco fan and give you guys my background on the game of football itself.

I've spent my entire life in the small city of Dearborn, MI. Its a suburb right outside of Detroit and a city where people take great pride in the game of football and especially in their favorite NFL team. I am 19 years old and have been a Bronco fan since I was 4 years old believe it or not. So im going on 16 years of being a Broncos fan. Going into the 1997 superbowl I did not know the entire NFL. I did however know the Green Bay Packers because they played the Lions twice a year. Going into the super bowl I told my dad the Packers would win. He looked at me and smiled and said I was wrong and that the Broncos would win it for Elway. I did not know who Elway was, so my dad gave me the run down on Elways career and his 3 previous superbowl failures (my dad is a lions fan but is very educated on the game). So I went into the game against my dad thinking Green Bay would win. Then the game started and the #7 #30 #27 stole my heart. Seeing TD leave the game with a Migraine then come back and dominate was amazing. Watching Atwater fly around the field with his intimidation factor was something I've never seen before. Last but not least, watching our very own John Elway at age 37 on 3rd and 6 scramble, go airborne, take a huge hit from 3 Packers, helicopter in the air for what seemed like eternity, was the moment where I said this is how football is played, this is what football is all about, and that was where I told myself that I would be a Denver Broncos fan for the rest of my life.

Ive played organized football from 8 years old all the way through my senior year in high school. I started every year since I was 8 years old. I played quarterback every year since I was 8 years old. My dad also started at quarterback at the same high school I attended. I understand that I have NOT played the position at one of the higher levels (college or NFL) but I grew up and was raised around the game and specifically around the quarterback position. I understand what it entails and what it demands along with what it takes to be a successful quarterback. Id like to think I am a pretty good evaluator of the position.

Tim Tebow is a phenomenal football player. He is arguably the most competitive football player I have ever seen. He is the best leader I have ever seen play football right next to Ray Lewis. He has the natural ability to rally a team around him and makes teammates buy into what he is doing. It is almost impossible to go onto a football field on the same team as Tebow and not lay it all on the line for him. These qualities are priceless, they cannot be taught, and not one quarterback in the history of football has these traits to the level that Tebow does. Believe it or not, we have not seen the best of Tebows leadership skills at the NFL level yet because he is not fully comfortable at this level yet, but when he does get comfortable, we will see a force of competitive nature unleashed on the rest of the league. I want Tim Tebow leading my football team.

However, Tebow undeniably has a big problem with what is ARGUABLY the most important aspect of quarterbacking. That is accuracy. Now do not get this twisted, I do NOT care that he has an elongated delivery, I do NOT care that his ball is rarely a spiral, but I do care when the ball is not where it is supposed to be on the simple passes. Many times we have seen this year Tebow overthrow or underthrow wide open (which in the NFL is 2 or 3 yards open) receivers. He struggles throwing your simple button hook because he throws it wide or low. He struggles throwing outs because he tends to throw them high or behind. He struggles and avoids throwing towards the sidelines in general (excluding the fly route which he throws well) because his accuracy is sub par. He refrains from throwing into windows and attempting passes that must be completed in our league if we want to make serious playoff runs and contend to be superbowl champions. He see's them open, but does not attempt the passes because he himself understands he has accuracy problems. Which is why we see him standing in a pocket for an extended period of time throughout certain plays. This limits our playbook significantly which is why I give Fox, McCoy, and Tebow tons of credit for finding ways to win and put points on the board. An example of his accuracy problem was our first play out of halftime against Minnesota. He threw a crossing pattern to Decker which he did complete, but he threw it low and Decker had to go down to get it. Decker had a LOT of green in front of him, like 20 yards of green or maybe even a touchdown. I understand that this is getting picky but against the elite teams in the league opportunities and yards will be difficult to come by. These things need to get fixed before we can be considered legit contenders to make deep playoff runs for years to come.

I want Tim Tebow to be our future quarterback. But, I am a Bronco fan before a Tebow fan. I sincerely believe that with an offseason together, these receivers, Tebow, McCoy, and Fox can turn our offense into something special something that opposing teams fear. Put that with a defense on the rise and that is a legit top defense in the league led by Dennis Allen (who I hope does not get a head coaching job anytime soon) and a phenomenal special teams, we are on our way to becoming an NFL powerhouse. With Tebows work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes and whatever is asked from him, he will fix this, he will be successful, Roethlisberger-esque. Because he is a leader, he is a winner, he is a gamer, he is Tim Tebow.


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