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Top Five Offensive Plays Versus The Minnesota Vikings

The Broncos had a huge win and silenced even more critics with a strong offensive performance that was questioned by the mainstream media. The Broncos won the game offensively this time by airing it out, something they apparently would not be able to do. Even Jared Allen admitted he was shocked that they lost that game through the air. Tim Tebow found a new guy to throw the ball to in Demaryius Thomas.

It seems every game there is a new hero that steps up when needed and this time it was Thomas .

Here are, in MY opinion the top five offensive plays from the game. Keep in mind some are most valuable instead of magnificent.

5. Tim Tebow completes a pass on 2nd and 10 to Matthew Willis on a must score drive. A simple route that the Broncos need to use more that Tebow is becoming better at with timing. A key block by Willis McGahee allows Matthew Willis to get the first down. Not the flashiest play but it was key.

4) Tim Tebow hits Demaryius Thomas in the endzone. Thomas runs a go route and the DB thinks he has help over the top. Another throw right on the money that was huge to keep the Broncos in this game. After the playaction Thomas is quickly looked at. Tebows decision making is getting quicker.

3) After the Matthew Willis catch the Broncos continue to roll to tie the game when Tebow takes the snap and AGAIN finds Thomas down the sideline. Tebow stands in the pocket with great blocking from this devolving offensive line and fires a perfect pass in between defenders as Thomas makes a great catch and run setting up the tying field goal.

2) Willis McGahee touchdown runs 24 yards for a touchdown. McGahee patiently waits for the hole to open, jukes by two Vikings and his strength allows him to stretch into the endzone to keep the Broncos with the VIkings in the shootout.

1) The best play on offense was a two man effort. Tim Tebow looked for an open man, decided to scramble like he does best and keep the play alive and kept his eyes down field. Demaryius Thomas kept moving around to help out Tim Tebow and finally Tim found him allowing Thomas to use his strength to break tackles and get into the endzone. My favorite part of this play is the Tebow stiff arm before he threw it.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If it gets a good reaction I will try to figure out something like this each week.

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