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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 2/13/11

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The Greatest Drive in NFL History » blog » Blog Archive
1986 AFC Championship: Broncos at Browns - "The Drive". John Elway and the Broncos trailed 20-13 with 5:32 left in Cleveland, and had 98 yards to go. They used 15 plays to go the distance, with the tying touchdown coming with thirty-seven seconds left. Denver would go on to win the game in overtime, 23-20, but would lose in the Super Bowl to the Giants.

Abundance of D-linemen allows Broncos options - The Denver Post
I have to chuckle at people's short-term plans to turn around the Broncos. It took two years of Mike Shanahan losing the locker room and two years of Josh McDaniels' emotional outbursts to put this franchise in the shape it's in. It's going to take at least that long to get the Broncos out of the dumps. So let's trade the second pick in the draft and move down in the first round. We pick up an extra draft choice or two, and there will still be quality linemen available.


Insane idea: teams play 18, players play 16 » blog » Blog Archive
NFL teams have a full 18-game schedule, but each individual player can play in at most 16 regular season games. As far as I know, it would be unprecedented in any non-little-league sport for a healthy player who wants to play, and whose team wants him to play, to be forced to sit for non-punitive reasons. For that reason alone, this idea could probably never gain any traction. I'm aware of that. And yes, some games would be devalued. There would be lots of local news stories about 7-year-old Tom-Brady-idolizers whose parents paid a month's salary so he could watch Brady explain Polaroids to Brian Hoyer for three hours.

In Defense of NFL Passer Ratings | The Sports Economist
While admitting the convoluted details of the FCHF defense, I’m willing to serve as QBPR’s public defender and assert that my client is wrongfully accused. Until a few years back, I harbored my own skepticism about QBPR until I investigated further. Do more meaningful measures exist? Very likely. Are there weaknesses in this measure? Certainly. Is the construction of “unit-less” composite indicators bad statistical practice? That’s where I enter a plea of not guilty for QBPR.

NFL Even MORE Competitively Balanced than We Thought | The Sports Economist
The 2010 season was, according to the popular actual-to-idealized standard deviation ratio, the second-most balanced NFL season since 2002, and it is the same story if one instead uses other popular measures, such as Gini coefficients or Herfindahl indexes. This result is favorable to those that believe in the invariance principle – that arguably, this is some (albeit very limited) evidence that the salary cap was not previously contributing much towards making the NFL so balanced.

Which QB is Likely to be Best in 2011? » blog » Blog Archive
In light of the research Chase & JKL have done about the consistency of passing stats between seasons, I was wondering which quarterbacks were likely to be best in 2011 -- assuming there is a 2011 season -- if we take their 2010 numbers and strip away the factors that were heavily influenced by luck or other elements beyond a player's control. - AFC East 2010 season-in-review team reports
AFC East 2010 season-in-review team reports

Oakland Raiders RB Michael Bush Arrested - Local News - Louisville, KY -
Bush was arrested at about 4:30 a.m. in Jeffersonville for allegedly driving while intoxicated, according to Clark County police. He was booked into the Clark County Jail.

Albert Haynesworth formally charged with assault | ProFootballTalk
Despite Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s public hope for Haynesworth’s future, there’s basically no chance he’s back with the Redskins next year. This latest incident will make it tougher for Washington to eventually trade him, even for a late-round draft pick.

Temporary seating contractor says he’s being made a scapegoat | ProFootballTalk
The owner of the company hired to install temporary seats at Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl says he’s being wrongly blamed for the failure to get everyone who bought a ticket into a seat.

Redskins' Punt Returner Injured in Double Stabbing | NBC Washington
One man is in critical condition and another is stable after an argument turned into a slashing at posh D.C. club "The Park." One of the injured is Redskins' punt returner Brandon Banks, who is in stable condition with superficial knife wounds, according to a source close to the team. - A case for Carter
The numbers suggest Carter is first-ballot material: His 1,101 catches rank third all-time behind Jerry Rice (1,549) and Marvin Harrison (1,102); his 130 receiving touchdowns trail Rice (197) and Terrell Owens and Randy Moss (both 153); and he ranks eighth all-time with 13,899 yards.

Cold, Hard Football CHFF wins big at 2010 PFWA writings awards
The Cold, Hard Football Facts are not big on hygiene. But we do clean up once each year at the Pro Football Writers of America annual writing awards.

Smart Notes – Trick passes, Rich Rodriguez, Emory Bellard- 2/12/2011 | Smart Football
Rich Rodriguez: Did he make progress? Rich Rodriguez keeps saying that he was making progress at Michigan and he keeps, rightfully, being taken to task for it. What is this about? To me it’s simple: Rich Rodriguez never fully embraced being a head coach; he always thought of himself as offensive coordinator. [Ed.Note: Substitute McD for RichRod in this story. Eerily similar -styg]

Psychology Matters | The Sports Economist
“Choking” is a form of failing under pressure, and this effect could be present in both individual and team performance. The flip side, “clutch” performance under pressure, has been studied extensively and is something of a holy grail among baseball stat geeks. Nobody’s found robust evidence of clutch performance, including me, and I’ve spent months of my life sifting through data just in case everyone else has “missed it.”


Prospects who should have stayed in school | National Football Post
FS Will Hill: Florida Hill is a former five-star recruit who has only one full year of starting experience while at Florida. And despite being an intriguing size/speed athlete the fact is the guy doesn’t make many plays in the deep half on the football. He had only two interceptions in 2010, only one other pass breakup and when watching him on tape he isn’t a real instinctive defender. Plus, he’s not real polished in his drop, isn’t real clean getting out of his breaks and isn’t a real impressive tackler. He was a hyped-up recruit who got some pub early in his career because of his overall athletic ability. However, as a football player and safety the guy still has a long ways to go and would have been much better served in my view to stay at Florida for another year and develop at his trade.

The meaning of the No. 1 recruit | National Football Post
A few weeks ago, ESPN The Magazine caught up with the last 25 top recruits in the country, using ranking from SuperPrep magazine (1986-2005) and ESPN’s Scouts Inc. (2006-Present). It was an astonishing look at where these prospects were, what they became, and how they got there. One question that wasn’t answered? Collegiate team success. Only six of the 25 prospects went onto win national championships at their schools.

Mocking the Draft's Prospect Film Library - Mocking The Draft
Here is what you'll get from our new YouTube channel: Each game is broken down so each teams offense and defense are highlighted. Then all commercials, time outs, replays, and (unless it is a critical play) special teams are removed so only the offensive plays remain. This shrinks the watch time to about 10 minutes per team and you can enjoy an entire game in under 20 minutes. Each video is also been unconverted into HD for your viewing pleasure. So if you have internet on your TV, an HDMI port on your laptop w/cable, or an HD monitor, you can watch each video in 1080p. Stuck away from your TV or computer but still have an internet ready device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone? As long as you have internet access, you can watch these game films anytime!


Saving '11 NFL season still priority No. 1 for Goodell | Houston Texans Football | - Houston Chronicle
What's least likely is the owners doing nothing on March 4 other than continuing negotiations. Players would become free agents, and roster bonuses due in March would have to be paid. "If we're unsuccessful in getting an agreement by March 4, I expect the uncertainty will continue," Goodell said. "(It) will be bad for our partners. It will be bad for the players, (and) it will be bad for the clubs.

NFL Lockout Not About Football, It's About 150,000 Jobs | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG
Each community with an NFL team stands to lose as much as $160 million if the team owners force a lockout next season. If the owners get away with the lockout, it could cost 150,000 jobs nationwide and have a ripple effect on how other workers across the country are treated, according to people who labor on the field and in the stadiums

Domonique Foxworth disappointed at cancelled meetings | National Football Post
”I was at the NFLPA and NFL meetings and am sorely disappointed that meetings were canceled,” Foxworth wrote on his Twitter account. “I can PROMISE you that NFLPA is trying every avenue to bring you football next year. #letusplay or at least #letustalk."