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Champ Bailey Selling His House

Full Champ Bailey quote: "I am putting my Littleton, (CO) house up for sale. It will be officially listed within the next few days."#Broncosless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The Broncos and Champ Bailey were having contract discussions today. In fact, just hours ago, many were excited and optimistic to have Champ Bailey stay a Denver Bronco. However, with the news that he is selling his house, that optimism has dissipated.

A couple of weeks ago, Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals threatened to sell his house as an outward display of his discontent toward Mike Brown and the rest of the Bengals organization. This isn't quite the same set of circumstances but the message may be the same. Unless Champ was offered significantly more money in today's negotiations and feels the need to buy a bigger house, this announcement doesn't bode well for his career in Denver.

Champ hasn't directly said anything about wanting out of Denver, but you can read between the lines. As a free agent, whenever a CBA is agreed upon, Champ Bailey is free to go where he wants.... and he will.

John Fox spoke up yesterday about his feelings towards Champ Bailey.

"He's a guy we have strong feelings about. We've had some dialogue there. There have been discussions. We definitely want to bring back. You never know how things like that work out, but we're moving forward as best we know how."

At this point, it looks like those feelings only go one way. It remains to be seen whether or not Champ Bailey will be a Bronco in the future, but for now, it doesn't look good.