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Elway On Kyle Orton Trade: "It's Not Automatic"

John Elway was on NFL Network's Total Access from the Super Bowl earlier today and had a couple interesting things to say, other than the typical Super Bowl Radio Row gibberish.  The crew asked Elway about his quarterback situation, specifically Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.  His answer was interesting to say the least:

"If we had to play today, Kyle Orton would be our starting quarterback."

To be honest, I am firmly in the camp that there is little else, on February 2, that Elway can say.  He certainly isn't going to speak for his head coach John Fox, and he isn't simply going to hand the job to Tebow right now.

Elway went on to discuss the possibility of trading Orton.  His answer, once again, was pretty obvious:

"People think it is a forgone conclusion that we are going to trade Kyle, but it's not.  They are going to compete for the job.  A lot of people think it is a forgone conclusion but it's not."

Again, with the questionable CBA situation, there is little else Elway could say.  Even if the Broncos wanted to trade Orton they can't, so why say anything to inflame their relationship with Kyle Orton, or any trade value he might have.

There is likely going to be plenty of talk like this from Elway, Fox and Brian Xanders.  First things first, let's get a new CBA done.