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Colby's Opinions On Today & Tomorrow

The News: Of course, right now the big news in Bronco Land is the resigning of Champ Bailey, the Bronco's all-decade cornerback. Recently Champ had set an NFL record for Pro Bowl appearances by a corner. The deal is a four year $43 million dollar deal with $15 million guaranteed in the first two years.

My Opinion: I honestly didn't see this coming. I think I speak for everyone that we knee jerked when Bailey put his house up for sale. From the moment the season ended I have been suggesting that we try to do a sign and trade deal with Champ to add a high draft pick. Am I happy about the resigning? Absolutely. The deal is great for both sides. It helps this off-season especially with the Perrish Cox dilemma still unknown. It also changes our big board in the draft which leads to.....

The News:  The NFL Scouting Combine is this weekend and there are a lot of candidates that Bronco Fans have their eye on. 

My Opinion: Personally, I will be looking at Patrick Peterson all weekend. The top ranked DB going into the draft, Peterson is a CB also being able to be a Safety. I think that despite the Champ Bailey signing, if Patrick Peterson puts up the star like numbers that people project him too, I think he is our guy. If Peterson does indeed play safety in the NFL, I think he could be a game changer. Being a return man early on, he could soon turn into a player that controls a defense like Troy Polamalu or Ed Reed. On a defense with as many holes as ours has, I think best player available is still the way to go and Peterson in my opinion is that guy. If suddenly Peterson is gone because the Panthers take him, we will find out this weekend which defensive line prospect is our guy. I don't think we need the guy who is incredible at one thing. We need the guy who is great at everything and makes an impact at every area of the field and right now, Da'Quan Bowers could be that guy.

The News: The New Orlean Saints release tight end Jeremy Shockey.

My Opinion:  One of our major draft needs is a pass catching tight end. In Daniel Graham we have our blocking guy but Shockey has proving that when he steps up he is a threat everywhere on the field.  Last season our only tight end that could catch balls was Graham and he was not much to get excited about. 

Receiving Kickoff Returns Punt Returns
G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD KR YDS AVG Lng TD PR Yds Avg Lng TD
12 18 148 12.3 8.2 28 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Looking at his eighteen receptions, that is a huge dropoff from the thirty-one catches, four hundred sixteen yards and two touchdowns that Tony Scheffler had for us in 2009. I saw someone suggest Demaryius Thomas making a move to tight end. That is interesting and depending on how our receiver's look this season if Thomas is unable to go, it could be an idea for the future. Shannon Sharpe made the move and Thomas looked explosive when he had to block for guys using his 6'4 frame to pancake defenders.

The News: Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton will most likely battle for the starting quarterback position if Orton isn't moved

My Opinion:  I still think Tebow is the guy, Tebow is the first guy to admit competition is good though. I don't think Tebow is ever going to be an elite (whatever that means). But I think he can be servicable with a great running game and he is the player who will make everyone else better. Anyone who has played sports knows who these guys are, along with the guys who bring the team town. We know what we will get with Orton and ptting him through a new system again worries me. Tebow will work harder to learn the new system and I would like to see him get the job.