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NFL CBA Negotiations: Statement From FMCS Director George H. Cohen

George H. Cohen is the mediator involved in the on-going negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The meetings have adjourned until March 1.  Below is the statement released by Mr. Cohen:

One week ago, the National Football League and the National Football League Players Association accepted the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service's invitation to conduct their continuing negotiations under my auspices, together with Deputy Director Scot Beckenbaugh. 

Because of the number and importance of the unresolved issues, I recommended and the parties agreed to a bargaining schedule commencing last Friday and continuing for seven consecutive days, through today.

Our time together has been devoted to establishing an atmosphere conducive to meaningful negotiations and, of course, matters of process and substance.  I can report that throughout this extensive period the parties engaged in highly focused, constructive dialogue concerning a host of issues covering both economics and player-related conditions.  The tenor of the across-thetable discussions reflected a noteworthy level of mutual respect even in the face of strongly held competing positions. 

The parties met both in full committee and in subcommittees where discrete, technical issues lent themselves to smaller groups.  At bottom, some progress was made, but very strong differences remain on the all-important core issues that separate the parties. 

Nonetheless, I recommended and the parties have agreed to resume the mediation process in my office commencing next Tuesday (March 1).  During the intervening weekend, the parties have been asked by us to assess their current positions on those outstanding issues.   

I have shared the terms of this release with the parties, and they have authorized me to represent that it accurately reflects the course of mediation to date.  Due to the extraordinary sensitivity of these ongoing negotiations, the FMCS will refrain from any public comment while the mediation process continues and, further, I have requested and the parties have agreed to do likewise.