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2011 MHR Community Mock Draft -- Broncos War-Room Announced


The drawing has been finalized, and the following team has been selected from the MHR membership to represent the Broncos in the 2011 MHR Community Mock

As mentioned before, this crew will work together as MHR's very own "6-legged-stool," a tribute to the new front office configuration in Dove Valley. Here are the relevant sections of the introductory post, regarding the Broncos representatives.

What are my responsibilities as a representative of the Broncos?

Because of the new format, the reps chosen for the Broncos' war-room will have added responsibility, above and beyond the fact that they will be expected to be perfect. First and foremost, Bronco reps will need to be in contact with one another, informing eachother of their strategies for their picks. While the whole team should be involved in discussing the strategy, it should be noted that only the person assigned the pick has final say on who is selected with that pick. Also, once the team has been informed of the selection, they will ALL need to submit their thoughts on the pick, just as if they had made the selection themselves. They are free to include any of the details that went into the selection, or any dissent they have to the majority opinion. It is clear that anyone submitting themselves for consideration as a Broncos' rep will need to be prepared to work as part of a team. They will not only be representing the Broncos, but also the entire MHR community.

Are there any special rules regarding trading picks for the Broncos?

Clearly, for the Broncos to trade picks will require some special circumstances, because it would not be fair to trade away one person's picks, and deprive them of the opportunity to represent their Broncos on this site. To that end, 100% approval will be needed from all Broncos reps in order to pull off a trade. This essentially means that a rep who's pick is being suggested for trade has the power to veto the trade if they aren't willing to part with the pick. In the event that a trade is agreed on that acquires more picks for the Broncos, the order of selection among the representatives will be maintained, and a new member of the team will be selected from the earlier raffle entrants, who will then occupy the final pick of the Broncos' draft. For example, if the Broncos were to trade out of the #2 pick, to the #7 selection, while obtaining another 2nd round pick (say #60) in the process, the rep responsible for the #2 pick would now have the #7 selection, the next two reps would hold onto their selections, the next 3 reps would all move up one pick, with the third round rep moving to #60, the 5th round rep moving to the third round, etc. Then another member would be added to the team (when the Broncos are originally raffled off, several extra names will be drawn for this contingency) in the now vacant 7th round pick. It may sound complicated, but we can always take a little extra time to make sure that the Broncos selections are done correctly.

Here are the profiles on your official Broncos reps:


Representing the Broncos' highest pick in the last 163 years.

Best known for: Selling a 1982 Ford Bronco on Mile High Report. (For the record, its still for sale, but it looks like he is going to have it "compete" with his wife's new Audi)...

In his own words:

I want anything but a 1st rounder.... too much pressure

Whidbey Bronco

Representing the Broncos' first of two 2nd round picks.

Best known for: Riding McDaniels hard, and putting him away wet.

In his own words:

I'm a hard-core sports freak. I bleed my team colors. I hold my teams leaders to the same harsh scrutiny to which I hold myself AND I HOPE YOU DON'T LIKE IT! ....I'm also a family man and a religious man . I'm hard core but soft hearted there... and YES I hope you don't like that too! lol


Representing the ghost of Brandon Marshall inthe 2nd round.

Best known for: His pre-Fox Christmas List.

In his own words:

This was in regards to the suggestion that Rick Dennison get the headcoaching job. Note that Fox hadn't yet been interviewed at this point...

Good OC coordinator choice

and as much as i like him and enjoy the idea of a zone blocking system and bringing back a guy who is fundamentally a bronco, it makes me nervous to promote a guy to head coach who has one year of of coordinator experience under a head coach who most likely called the plays. Unless we hire a really strong OC to call the plays i dont think this job is right for dennison just yet. Fox HC with him as OC would be great.


Representing the Broncos last pick in the top half of the draft, and representing hope before a long drought through the 4th and 5th rounds.

Best known for: Being born a Broncos fan, with a unique birthmark....

In his own words:

It seemed liked they play with more passion in the Orange. I would also like to see the old blue back.. I hate reaching for a shirt or jacket at the store and it is a Bears item.


Representing the suffering of Broncos fans who haven't seen a pick for over 117 selections, which is a lifetime during the draft.

Best known for: Leading the Broncos to a 3-0 record.

In his own words:

Denver has failed in the past to draft quality players on the defensive line, but that's no reason to be afraid of drafting a defensive lineman. People who call for a defensive lineman in the 2011 draft are not be irrational, they're just aware that the Broncos have had a huge hole in the defensive front seven, and so far have done little to improve it. With Coach Fox at the helm, I think its time to develop defensive talent for the future.


Representing the Broncos final pick of the first draft of the rest of their lives.

Best known for: Giving the Chargers waaaaay to good of a draft when he represented them in last years Live Mock.

In his own words:

So, last week I was so bored that I decided to create a new formation. I wanted to somehow merge the wildcat offense with the magic 3(3-TE) offense. I finished a rough sketch of what it would look like and then sent it to Hoosierteacher so that he could tell me how to make it better. His suggestion were great. Many thanks HT! Anyway, you can see the finished Thundercat formation after the jump.

Teams Still Available in Community Mock

With the above members taking on the responsibilities of the Broncos front office, a handful of teams that they represented have come open.

Below are the available teams. If you would like to represent one of them, let a comment fly in the thread.

Cleveland Browns

New York Jets

Carolina Panthers

New York Giants