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Super Bowl XLVI Odds: Denver Broncos Long-Shots, Packers, Patriots Favorites

Super Bowl XLV is in the books which means all eyes - and action - is focused squarely on Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis next February. Of course, there has to be a season, but we'll assume for this that there will be. has released their odds for Super Bowl XLVI and the Broncos are squarely in the bottom third of the NFL.

At 60/1, the Broncos are grouped with teams like the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars. They are also last in the AFC West. The San Diego Chargers are 12/1, Kansas City Chiefs 35/1 and Oakland Raiders 50/1.

Bodog thinks highly of the Green Bay Packers chances at repeating - they are 7/1 favorites to win Super Bowl XLVI. The New England Patriots are tops in the AFC at 8/1. The Pittsburgh Steelers are 10/1.

The biggest long-shots to win the Super Bowl? The Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers both come in at 100/1.