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With the #4 Pick In the 2011 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals Select DT Nick Fairley, Auburn

From General Manager DBroncs1414: I personally have this guy as number one on my board, and since DT is one of Cincy's biggest needs this is a slam dunk pick if he falls here. Fairley brings a nastiness that I think will translate well to Zimmer's D. He's the prototypical 3-tech, which means he should fill nicely next to Peko, one of the more underrated 1 techs.

The Bengals also looked at QB (Peter King just announced they will hear offers for Palmer, hence this) and WR (Ocho is probably done, and this org can't lean on TO) here, but considering Newton may be a risk and a WR this high may not be wise, the potetnially (and likely) dominant DT is the pick. DE was also looked here but Fairley>Quinn, IMO. Most teams like to attempt to trade down from this high, but I think the Bengals like where they are at. I think they are currently targeting at least 4 players here, so there's no reason to trade down and risk losing out on one of these elite guys. I would elaborate more but it would just become a rant.


From the Commish

Sayre: Solid value pick here. My personal top rated DT is Marcell Dareus, so I think he would be the better pick, but if anyone is going to take the risk on Fairley, it's got to be the Bengals, right? Fairley may have the highest ceiling of any prospect in this draft, but I also think his floor is as low as they get. He has so much ability, and I think if he reaches what he is supposed to be, he could be a Neil Smith type of player. In a system like Cincinnati's, he could be a really solid fit as a penetrator and enforcer.