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With the #5 Pick In the 2011 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Arizona Cardinals Select LB Von Miller, Texas A&M

From General Manager droom:  Arizona has been looking for its premier pass rusher ever since they made the switch the the 3-4. With the failed experiment with Joey Porter, the Cardinals wanted to make sure they got their defensive playmaker early in the draft. Enter Von Miller.

As all players that make it to the draft, Von Miller had a stellar college career. In his freshman and sophomore years he flashed potential, earning the starting spot in his sophomore year. As a junior he was the nations leader in sacks for 2009 with 17 sacks, also accumulating 21 tackles for loss. His total tackle count was 43 for that year, meaning a staggering 88% of his tackles were behind the line of scrimmage. Von Miller started of his senior year slow, hampered by an injury early in the year. However he was able to come back and win the Butkus award, which is given to the nations top linebacker. While his stat line, 10.5 sacks 17.5 tfl, was not as great as his junior year, his tenacity in coming back from his injury was definitely noticed. He isn't the greatest in pass coverage or run defense, however he has shown improvement in both areas every year he has played. The Cardinals will focus on him rushing the passer, however they would like to develop him like Green Bay did with Clay Matthews and have an overall stud LB.

At 6'2' and 246 pounds, Von Miller fills the body type that Whisenhunt likes to employ in the OLB position. After the combine results, the Cardinals only felt more sure in their pick. Von Miller ran a 4.53 40 yard with a 4.46 unofficial time. While showing amazing speed for his size, he also demonstrated elite agility. The Cardinals did not have a very good pass rush last season. While better than some *coughbroncoscough*, no one player ever shined in the Cardinals front 7. Calais Campbell, DE, lead the Cardinals in sacks with 6, with two OLBs reaching 5 (Porter/Haggans). Some might question why the Cardinals did not go for a QB. The plan is to sign a veteran QB and develop John Skelton into their future starting QB. If some QBs drop far enough, the Cardinals may be forced to adjust their outlook in their QB situation. However, the Cardinals were desperate for an elite pass rusher, and Von Miller will fill that void for the team.


From the Commish

Sayre:  I am very intrigued by Von Miller, and he would certainly provide some pop to the pass rush department for the Arizona Cardinals. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt was pictured talking to Miller at the Senior Bowl, and I'm sure their interest hasn't wavered. With his numbers at the combine and consistency at Texas A&M, there is no reason he can't be a top five pick. The Cards are getting a guy here who could start for them for a decade.