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With the #16 Pick In the 2011 MHR Community Mock Draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars Select DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

From General Manager cyngato:  The Jags are my team. So I can be brutally honest. Our defense is bad, real bad, and we have issues at each position on both offense and defense.  However, until we get a pass rusher the defense will still be ineffective. Therefore I am pleased to announce the Jaguar's selection of Defensive End, Ryan Kerrigan, Prudue.

Kerrigan produced 37.5 sacks  and 55.5 tackles for loss in four years and he could be the answer to our biggest defensive need.   In 2009, the Jags had just 14 pathetic sacks in sixteen games. How embarrassing!  Our pass rush did improve in 2010, but not by much with only 26 sacks. Kerrigan could spark our pass rush with a high motor and great skills and strength.  An improved passing attack will help our struggling secondary.   Jeremy Mincey looked promising last year and hopefully Aaron Kampman will be back from a second ACL injury so Kerrigan will not have to carry the entire load. Kerrigan has been compared to Kampman and should benefit from learning from him.  In addition, Kerrigan has demonstrated great character and a strong work ethic, and he should fit well in our locker room.

I didn’t think that the available LBs, CBs, or QBs fit well at this pick and I  will no doubt address these positions with other picks.


From the Commish

Sayre:   I like the pick for the Jaguars. Ryan Kerrigan is an extremely underrated player. He might be the only player to have 33 sacks and 14 forced fumbles at a major division one school to not be talked about as a big time draft pick. Kerrigan has good size and solid athleticism, but what you have to love about him is his blue collar work ethic, and the fact that he never gives up on a play. Another solid addition to Jacksonville's defensive line.