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Open Thread: NFL Lockout

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Today is the day. We have been bracing for the worst and hoping for the best since the season ended in January. Last week, there seemed to be more momentum as the NFL and NFLPA raced towards a March 4th lockout. But all of that momentum was, unfortunately, geared towards delaying the lockout rather than preventing it by negotiating a new deal. The two parties agreed upon a one week delay and, here we are, a week later. In a few hours, we will have our result. The union has until 4 pm MST, 6 pm EST, they just need to file papers in Minnesota before Judge Doty's courtroom is shut down for the day. Either we can celebrate an agreement or mourn a setback in the form of the NFLPA decertifying and unbeknownst evils being unleashed across the fabric of the NFL landscape.

News will be flying hot and heavy over the next few hours and this is the place where news will be compiled. Use the comment thread to stay up to date on the latest reports, post new information as it becomes available and cross your fingers for a 2011 NFL season.