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Broncos Not Interested In Peterson? Don't You Believe It.

     I am certain that, at some point, someone will want to declare that because the Broncos' Big Three (Fox, Elway and Xanders) did not choose to attend Patrick Peterson's pro day at Louisiana State University, the Broncos are no longer interested in Peterson as a draft choice.  I wouldn't be too quick to make that jump.

     You may recall that CB/Punt Returner Patrick Peterson was high on many people's draft boards. Despite that, John Fox, John, Elway and Brian Xanders chose to not attend Peterson's pro day. Does this signal an end to any interest in Peterson by the Broncos? Not necessarily.

According to reports, Peterson was not planning to do a full workout at his pro day. In fact, he did not do some of the workouts he performed at the Combine -- he chose to not run the 40, do bench presses, nor the vertical leap. An NBC film review of his pro day showed Peterson sitting down yawning, standing with coaches laughing, and doing a few back pedal with change of direction drills.

The Broncos Big Three may have gotten wind of this and chosen to not attend, especially since Peterson has a visit to Denver scheduled for the near future. It would seem strange for the Broncos to host Peterson if they have no interest at all in him. Just something to think about.