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Winning! Broncos Country Lifts MHR To 'Best NFL Team Blog' Award


The results of the Reader's Choice Award for Best NFL Team Blog have been released, and MHR came out on top, garnering 60% of the vote!

Someone asked me the other day, when it appeared we were going to win, what it would mean to me. I get several e-mails regarding these fan votes and frankly I ignore most of them. It is an easy way for a website to get traffic - "Come here and vote for your favorite site". This one, to me, was different.

The Broncos, right now, are going through what could easily be considered the darkest period in the last 35 years - if not ever. The 2010 season, when all was said and done, could be considered the worst season in team history. It seems fan morale is at an all-time low. I wanted to prove that Broncos Country was still a powerful force when we put our minds to something - not for MHR, but for Broncos pride! We were going up against sites that cover the Kansas City Chiefs, the St. Louis Rams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers. Three of those sites are SBNation sites like us, and all do a great job. For me, this was about trying to galvanize Broncos fans - to show that Broncos pride is still alive and well within us.

Many fanbases become stagnant or apathetic when things aren't going well. What this vote proved was Broncos fans are not stagnant, not apathetic. Thanks for proving that Broncos Country is ALIVE and WELL!