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With the #25 Pick in the 2011 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Seattle Seahawks Select CB Brandon Harris, Miami

From General Manager Maxwellsdemon:  This was a very tough pick, and while I feel that offensive line is a much bigger need then another corner, at the 25th spot, and with teams like Green Bay, Atlanta and Chicago still to go in the 1st, the likelihood of Harris falling into the 2nd was unlikely and after Harris the quality at corner drops greatly. The Seahawks need a corner, and with some great offensive line players in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I felt that this was a player that couldn’t be missed.

Harris is considered among the best man coverage corners in college football over the past couple years, and because of that, he was also one of the least targeted. In the same vein as Nnamdi Asomugha, he doesn’t create a lot of turnovers, not because he can’t, but because no quarterback throws his way. While Carroll likes bigger corners to play bump and run, he plays enough man that Harris can isolate a receiver, and force a quarterback to either throw into double coverage or make him look for other reads, allowing the pressure to get to him. While he has issues when it comes to zone coverage, Carroll uses his safeties enough in zone to allow Harris to isolate and contain a receiver.

He’s fluid, athletic and dynamic, with instincts to be able to read and react to quarterbacks and make the play. And while undersized at 5’10", with a 4.45 40 and fantastic athletic ability, he will be able to make the plays and tackles in the NFL with just a little bulking up. Combine that with his ability to corner blitz very successfully because of his burst and speed, his ability to stop the run in the backfield can’t be understated.

Harris is legendary for his competitiveness and leadership at Miami, and his drive to improve allows him to overcome weaknesses in his game rapidly, allowing him hopefully to transition quickly into the NFL. With some question marks around veterans Kelly, Thurmond and Jennings, Harris is a great player to have on the roster to motivate both himself and them as he will likely be battling for the #2 or nickel spot. A great student of the game and off the field, he will hopefully be able to help the other youth on this rising defense like Thomas, Curry, Mebane, and Hawthorne rise to the challenge in 2011.


From the Commish

Sayre:  This is a very solid pick. Brandon Harris can come in year one and contribute, whether it's in nickel situations or as a starter. For the Seahawks, they just cannot find anyone to stick in their defensive backfield. Perhaps Harris can finally be that guy.