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Denver Broncos Private Workout/Team Visit Official List

The Denver Broncos, like every NFL team, are allowed 30 private player workouts/visits before the draft. They are already very busy with this, and have created some interesting media because of their decisions to send Adam Gase (QB's coach) to put some quarterback prospects through the Broncos' gauntlet.

The Broncos' list is interesting so far, to say the least. I will keep this list continuously updated as the information becomes available to me.


Quarterback (5)

(Also, Broncos sent Mike McCoy to Arkansas' Pro Day to scout Ryan Mallett/DJ Williams, and sent a contingent to the Iowa Hawkeyes' pro day)


Running Back (3)

  • DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
  • Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State
  • Daniel Thomas, Kansas State

Wide Receiver (1)

  • Edmund Gates, Abeliene Christian

Tight End (1)

Offensive Line (1)

(Broncos also sent OL coach Dave Magazu to Colorado pro day)



Defensive End (3)

Defensive Tackle (4)

  • Nick Fairley, Auburn
  • Marcell Dareus, Alabama
  • Phil Taylor, Baylor
  • Marvin Austin, North Carolina


Should be noted here, the Broncos sent EFX to the pro days of Auburn (Fairley) and Alabama (Dareus), and have been rumored to have significant interest in Hampton DT Kenrick Ellis. Curious though that they have yet to bring in a single defensive tackle in this deep class.


Linebacker (7)

  • Von Miller, Texas A&M
  • Lawrence Wilson, UConn
  • Casey Matthews, Oregon
  • Bruce Carter, North Carolina
  • Akeem Ayers, UCLA
  • Mason Foster, Washington

Cornerback (3)

Safety (2)