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Denver Broncos Awarded Compensatory Pick In 2011 NFL Draft

The NFL was handing out compensatory picks today and the Denver Broncos received on of 32 given.  The pick, a 7th rounder, #246 overall, gives the Broncos seven total picks in the 2011 NFL Draft:

1st Round -  #2 Overall
2nd Round - #36 Overall
2nd Round - #46 Overall
3rd Round - #67 Overall
6th Round - #186 Overall
6th Round - #189 Overall
7th Round - #246 Overall

Looking at the list it is easy to see why so many of us are hoping the Broncos can add a couple picks to this year's haul.  Even if they cannot, the Broncos should be able to add 4 impact players in the first three rounds.  GM Brian Xanders and head coach John Fox have already said they would like four starter from this Draft, and with 4 of the top 67 it seems possible.

Since 1994, only the Cleveland Browns(2), Houston Texans(4) and New York Jets(5) have received fewer Compensatory picks than the Broncos(9).

This year, the Carolina Panthers received 3 picks, the first coming at the end of the 3rd Round.  They, of course, lost Julius Peppers to the Chicago Bears in free agency.  The Ravens received 2 picks, one of those coming from the loss of Justin Bannan who was signed by Denver.  Bannan was recently released by the Broncos and hopes to return to Baltimore.