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Denver Broncos Greats... By The Numbers: #10

Jabar Gaffney WR 2009-Present
Clifford Russell WR 2008
Todd Sauerbrun P 2005-07
Triandos Luke WR 2004
Bucky Dilts P 1977-78
Mark Herrmann QB 1981-82
Steve Ramsey QB 1971-76
Jim Leclair QB 1967-68
John McCormick QB 1963, ‘65-66

Four quarterbacks, three wide receivers and two punters have worn the #10 for the Denver Broncos. Of all the numbers covered thus far in the "By the Numbers" series, #10 is proving to be one of the more difficult decisions. Of the names above, four stand out from the rest. Stick with me after the jump to find out who the greatest Bronco to wear the #10 was... or is...

Candidate 1: Steve Ramsey

Ramsey was the longest tenured of the Broncos to wear #10. Drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 1970 and traded to the Broncos in 1971, he was primarily a back-up behind Ring-of-Fame quarterback Charlie Johnson until 1974. He was the Broncos starter for the 1975 and 1976 seasons and was then replaced by Craig Morton in 1977. His record as a full time starter was 10-9, but his personal stats weren't nearly as good. In the two years he marshaled the Broncos, he threw 20 Touchdowns and 27 Interceptions.

Candidate 2: Bucky Dilts

Dilts was the Broncos punter during the first Super Bowl run of 1977 and the year following. Bucky is included in this group because it has been widely rumored that the fiberglass horse that sits atop the south stands scoreboard was named for him - "Bucky Bronco". However, the statue was put in place and named in 1976 and so Bucky (the statue) predated Bucky (the punter) by a year.

*Interesting note about Bucky (the statue) it was modeled after Roy Roger's horse "Trigger", but Rogers inexplicably insisted that the statue not be named Trigger. Fifty years from now it's quite possible that Denver fans have no earthly idea (or interest) in what Trigger was, but Bucky Bronco will likely still be one of our treasured icons.

Candidate 3: Todd Sauerbrun

Sauerbrun was the punter for the Broncos last playoff win against the Patriots in 2005. Infamously, it was he who caused a Ellis Hobbs to fumble on a punt return by putting his helmet squarely on the ball. However, his Bronco greatness essentially ends there. Keith Olbermann declared him "The Worst Player in the NFL" following the disaster that was our last regular season matchup against the Chicago Bears in 2007. Sauerbrun would later be villified in Stefan Fatsis' book A FEW SECONDS OF PANIC. Sadly, he's best known for being involved in a PED scandal while with the Carolina Panthers and because he was arrested for slapping around a taxi driver. He would later be named to the NFL All Criminal team.

Candidate #4: Jabar Gaffney

Jabar Gaffney was one of many former New England Patriots who came to Denver when Josh McDaniels was hired as Head Coach. However, unlike many of the Patriot retreads, Gaffney has proven himself worthy of the orange and blue. In 2009, Gaffney finished second on the team with 54 receptions and 732 receiving yards. In 2010, he would do even better, reeling in 65 passes for a very respectable 875 yards. What does 2011 hold for him?

Between a short time starting QB, two punters and one of our current wide recievers....

Who is the greatest Bronco to wear #10?

Jabar Gaffney

Jabar was the Houston Texans 1st pick the 2nd round (#33 overall) of the 2002 draft. Gaffney would spend three seasons with Houston before signing with New England in 2006. In 2009 he came to the Denver Broncos with Josh McDaniels. Jabar's production has been impressive during his first two years with the team and (at this point in time) figures to be a contributing member of the offense in 2011.

A Mile High Salute to you Jabar!

Go Broncos!