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Reviewing the Draft - 2004 Edition

People always argue if a draft class was good or not and grade it. Most people including me think that it takes 2 or 3 years before you can actually grade a class. Leading up to the draft we will take a look at who the Broncos drafted in the past 10 years. These drafts were conducted by Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels

DJ Williams - Linebacker - Miami - 17th Overall

DJ is still with the Broncos and has led the Broncos in tackles the past two seasons. A lot of mock drafts had the Broncos drafting Steven Jackson but as we have found out, Mike Shanahan isn't into drafting first round runningbacks. In his rookie season, he started 14 of the 16 games and had 114 tackles, two sacks and one interception. He was a candidate for defensive rookie of the year. Today DJ is a middle linebacker but in his first few seasons he played outside linebacker. DJ has been pretty consistent for the Broncos. Unfortunately he has gotten into some law trouble being caught for drunk driving twice.

Tatum Bell - Runningback - Oklahoma State - 41st Overall

Tatum Bell made a big early impact for the Broncos. In his rookie season he led all rookie runningbacks in yards with 396 yards and averaging over five yards per carry. The next year Bell was part of a two back system with Mike Anderson. He ran for 921 yards and 8 touchdowns and over five yards per carry again. The next year he broke 1000 yards for the first time. He was then traded in the deal to get Dre Bly. He returned for a second stint with the Broncos but was not re-signed the following year.

Darius Watts - Wide Receiver - Marshall - 54th Overall

Watts was a 6'2 188 pound receiver. He was speedy running a 4.42 40. He played in all 16 games for the Broncos in his rookie year binging in 31 catches and one touchdown. After a good rookie season, he had a bad sophomore season bringing in 2 catches for the first 6 games and was inactive for the rest. He was cut the following year in the preseason. Today he is a coach in the AFL.

Jeremy LeSueur - Defensive Back - Michigan - 85th Overall

What can I say about LeSueur? Not much information on him for me to find. He was on injured reserve for his entire rookie season recovering from a hernia. He was cut the next year.

Jeff Shoate - Defensive Back - San Diego State - 152nd Overall

The Broncos continued to search for cornerback's in the draft before they had Champ Bailey. Shoate remained on the roster for the entire 2004 season. He then missed all of the 2005 season in IR.

Triandos Luke - Wide Receiver - Alabama - 171st Overall

Triandos Luke was only on the Broncos roster for the 2004 season. He was active for ten games in 2004. He only had six receptions and was mainly a return guy.

Josh Sewell - Center - Nebraska - 190th Overall

Sewell was a 6'2 390 pound center. He never made the Broncos roster after an unimpressive preseason and was cut before the season and signed to the practice squad.

Matt Mauck - Quaterback - LSU - 225th Overall

Mauck was a 6'2 228 pound QB. He made the roster for the Broncos but did not appear in any games and signed with the Titans in 2005.

Brandon Miree - Fullback - Pittsburgh - 247th Overall

Miree didn't appear in any games for the Broncos and did not remain with the team. In 2006 he played for the Packers.

Bradlee Van Pelt - Quarterback - Colorado State - 250th Overall

Van Pelt was known for his run first mentality. He never played in a game with the Broncos in 2004 but got into 3 games in 2005 throwing 8 passes and running for a score. After being cut by the Broncos he attempted to make a comeback playing safety.

Overall I was happy with the beginning of the draft. Williams and Bell worked out very well.

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