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Denver Broncos Release Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan

Broncos release DTs Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan. Williams expected; Bannan a surprise. Moves in lieu of roster bonusesless than a minute ago via web

The news just keeps on coming. The Broncos have released Jamal Williams and Justin Bannan. A few months after the Denver Broncos claimed the 32nd ranked defense (last) and 31st ranked rush defense (second to last) in the NFL, it should be no surprise that many of the pieces involved in that atrocious defense are being purged.

Jamal Williams was a San Diego Chargers cast off that signed on with the Denver Broncos last year to a 3 year deal, despite concerns that his injury history and age were catching up to him. Justin Bannan (who was a Colorado Buffalo in college) was signed in free agency in 2010 and signed a 5 year deal after being a rotational defensive lineman with the Baltimore Ravens

Both players were partially responsible for the Broncos performing poorly on defense and it comes as no surprise that Williams was released due to his age. Bannan, on the other hand, was an average lineman in Denver and was expected, at the very least, to be a rotational player in John Fox's new defense. Clearly, neither player was considered a fit for the new defense and both have been cut with a little over 7 hours left before a lockout.