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CBA Negotiations: NFL and NFLPA Agree to 24 Hour Extension

24hr extension could well be the precursor to a 7-day extension. Much more to comeless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

After much debate (more than 8 hours), the NFL and NFLPA have agreed on a 24 hour extension. This means that there will be 24 hours of anticipation, leveraging, posturing, and, hopefully, some negotiation. To this point, we have heard about the back and forth between the two sides, throughout the day. It was originally reported that the owners suggested the extension, but an hour later it was revealed that the mediator proposed the extension.

Reports then surfaced stating that the NFLPA was opposing the extension because it wasn't anything more than a "delay tactic". After a few more hours, it seems that the NFLPA has conceded to an extension and will have until 4 pm EST on Friday to decertify. 

So, prepare yourself for another 24 hours of CBA coverage (or more, according to Jason La Canfora). These extensions are not the end of the road. This has already seemed like an arduous trek, but if the two sides are so stubborn that it takes 8 hours to agree upon a 24 hour extension, something has got to give. I'm just hoping that we don't enter an endless cycle of extensions. Supposedly, the extension signed today was only created so that they have more time to agree upon another extension. We'll never get a CBA in place if all they talk about is extensions. Negotiations need to take place.