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Elvis Dumervil's Assault Charges Are Dropped

Blog: Charges against Dumervil dismissed #broncosless than a minute ago via


One less thing to worry about. Elvis Dumervil's charges have been dismissed after he was cited with assault and disturbing the peace during an altercation with a parking lot attendant at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium on Octover 24th, 2010. Dumervil forgot his player credentials and the parking attendant would not let him into the parking lot. Later, Dumervil called a team official and was allowed to enter, but the parking attendant still filed a complaint against Elvis. 

"He never should have been charged in the first place... and the press coverage should be the same now that this case has been dismissed as when he was charged."

-Harvey Steinberg (Elvis Dumervil's attorney)

Wish granted, Mr. Steinberg. Elvis Dumervil is now in the clear. After his 2010 season was cut short by a pectoral muscle injury during training camp, all of us at MHR are anxious to see Elvis back on the field this fall.