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With the #7 Pick In the 2011 MHR Community Mock Draft, the San Francisco 49ers Select DT Marcell Dareus, Alabama

From General Manager bfree2bronc:  San Francisco was picked by most pundits to win the NFC West title in 2010 and all they got for their work was a 6-10 disappointing record, finishing 3rd in the division. The 49ers have more holes on both sides of the ball than the St Valentines Day Massacre victims. Where do you start if your the new head coach (Jim Harbaugh)? Some people think Alex Smith is a 'bust' with his performance on the field (14 TDs/10 Ints), Harbaugh called it a combination of how the organization played, i.e, receivers dropping balls, pass protection from the OLine (44sacks), injuries to the running backs and so on. Greg Roman is their OC who followed Harbaugh over from Stanford said that they will play a 'West Coast' style offense and tweak the playbook terminology and try to get the players to play as a team.

Now that Gabbard is off the board, Harbaugh along with OC Greg Roman decide to address the quarterback position later on in the draft or maybe go after the Eagles' Kevin Kolb once there is a Free Agency. With OT Joe Staley being injured some of the year the 49ers need a solid backup not named Barry Sims. The 49ers addressed the OLine with two picks in the first round last year and they played young and inexperienced. As they develop under new coaches, drafting one this early isn't an option.

The wide receiver position needs upgraded as Ted Ginn hasn't put up the numbers they were expecting and Crabtree acts like the premadona he is. Too many dropped passes...   Possible WO's still on the board is AJ Green and Julio Jones. Either one of these guys could be stellar in a west coast offense and Green as analysts have stated could be in a mold of Randy Moss.

GMs thoughts continued:  Running Back is another position of need and Mark Ingram is still there but is he 7th pick quality? I don't think so. Maybe later...Now to the defensive side of the draft.

The 49ers defense was 6th against the run in 2010 with solid play from their defensive front 7's 3/4 defense. Harbaugh hasn't committed to changing the system/scheme thus far and may stay with the one installed. The Outside Linebacker position could be upgraded as the pass pressure wasn't that good even though the group
picked up 36 sacks on the season. JJ Watts, Sam Acho, Ryan Kerrigan, Robert Quinn all had a great Combine and I would be happy with any of these players but, there is one who stands out above them all at this point...Marcell Dareus, and, he is still on the board. This jumps out at you like a barking spider in a crowded grocery store! He smells and looks like a top draft pick and a can't miss player...Prince Amukamara CB is still there and with Clements hugh salary this year (7 plus mil), Prince could be a viable option...

So it comes down to; Who do you want to take with the first pick? It's only obvious that you go after the Best Player Available and his name is Marcell Dareus DT out of Alabama...Obviously everybody knows what this kid brings to the table and the 49ers get a guy who can play anywhere on the front line along side of Aubrayu Franklin...


From the Commish

Sayre:  Good value pick for the 49ers. Dareus is my top rated defensive tackle this year. He can play any position along the defensive line in a 3-4 scheme, and has impressive quickness for his size. He is a guy I really like at the next level, and he will help free up guys like Patrick Willis to make even more plays. Nice choice.