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With the #8 Pick In the 2011 MHR Community Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions *Trade Up* to Select CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

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From General Manager mbaca: Well I made the jump to the 8 slot to jump ahead of the Cowboys who also need a CB desperately but at this spot it gave me options to see if someone fell to me but they did not but I still could get the impact player they need. Prince had 52 balls thrown to him his Sr. season and only 18 were completed. He also had 13 pass break up and 59 Tackles 39 of which were solo. He is listed 6'1" 205 lbs and he ran a 4.43 40 and had 38 inch vertical jump. He has all the tool to be the next great corner back. Who the lions desperately need. The Lions ranked 21 in Total Defense as well as 19th in interceptions. They do not have a corner worthy of a 1 spot and he would go well with Suh they would have a Force in the Secondary and on the line. If you were to ask any lions fan they would be ecstatic for Prince but he likely wont slip past the Cowboys. You could also argue that the Lions take Nate Solider but they need help all around and being a die hard fan of the Broncos I know what It feels Like to have a great corner that can shut down half of the field.

Details of the Trade: Tennessee Titans trade their 1st round pick #8 overall to Detroit for their first and fourth round picks, #13 and #106 overall.


From the Commish

Sayre: Detroit might have to trade up to get their guy, and Amukamara is a great choice for them. Reuniting him with Ndamukong Suh and at the same time filling their team's biggest need, in my opinion. This team has the defensive line that a championship team needs, now they need playmakers on the back-end. I think Amukamara is more of a technician than a playmaker, but he will do a solid job at the NFL level.