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Report: NFL Owners, NFLPA Agree to Seven Day Extension

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to a seven day extension of labor negotiations, a deadline is now in effect for next Friday at 5 PM. Schefter also said the negotiations are to resume on Monday, so the two sides will table their momentum for the weekend and resume talks then.

Neither side has commented on the negotiations to this point, but DeMaurice Smith did thank the fans for their patience each of the last two days. 

When asked this morning on Mike and Mike in the Morning if their was a substantial increase in optimism that a deal will get done if indeed an extension in talks was agreed upon (which it now has been), ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen confirmed that it is indeed reason to be optimistic, and noted other reports that the talks are indeed progressing.

As of right now, the NFL and NFLPA have avoided a lockout, and appear to be finally reaching some common ground. We will know more in the coming week.