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Broncos Saddle up for Pro Day Trek

John Fox made his first community appearance in Denver this morning, giving the keynote address at the Boy Scouts of America's sports breakfast, but Fox, John Elway, and Brian Xanders, didn't stay long enough to partake in eggs and pancakes. They made a courteous but quick exit from the event to catch an early flight out of Denver for a week of player evaluation.

According to, Fox, Elway, and Xanders are all flying to Auburn, Alabama for Auburn's Pro Day. From there, the team plans to head to Tuscaloosa, for Alabama's Pro Day and to College Station, for Texas A & M's Pro Day. The Bronco's brain trust will also make a pit stop in Boca Raton, Florida to meet with an unnamed player.

For John Fox, traveling to these Pro Days is an invaluable opportunity to learn more about the draft prospects:

"The Pro Day is more for the individual meetings. You set it up, put them on the board, get to really find out what's inside of the helmet, instead of just watching tape. . .I think being close and understanding your players is what it's all about in any successful organization."

This week's trek will get the Broncos inside the helmets of some of the top talent in this year's draft. Much of the talk of Auburn's Pro Day will focus on 2010's Heisman Trophy winner, quarterback Cam Newton, but coaches will also get a look at defensive tackle Nick Fairley, who won this year's Lombardi Award, as college football's top defensive lineman.

In Tuscaloosa, the Broncos will get a look at another top defensive tackle prospect in Macell Dareus. Dareus's impressive performance at the Scouting Combine has propelled him into consideration as the top defensive tackle in the Draft. Von Miller will be the big draw in College Station, a Top 5 pick who projects as an outside linebacker in either a 3-4 or 4-3 defense.

Boca Raton, Florida is the home of Florida Atlantic University. The Broncos could be stopping to evaluate tight end Rob Housler, a player projected to be available in the later rounds of the Draft. Boca Raton is also close to the home town of cornerback Patrick Peterson, a player believed by some to be the best player in this year's Draft.

So Broncos fans, who's Pro Day are you most exited for?