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Mike Ditka Likes Tim Tebow.... Jay Cutler? Well....

Mike Ditka is still a legend in Chicago, much like Mike Shanahan will probably always be revered in Denver - for bringing a Super Bowl to the Bears.  He was recently interviewed in the Chicago Sun-Times, and at one point is asked about the NFL Draft - specifically Cam Newton.  Ditka's comments were interesting, to say the least:

‘‘I would take Newton," Ditka said. "I would take him in a heartbeat. I think he gets it. He reminds me of a bigger Tim Tebow. He's smart. He sounds good when he talks. I don't care about that other stuff."

He mentions Tebow.  So what does Ditka think of Tebow??

‘‘People talk about Tim Tebow like he can't do this or he doesn't have this throwing skill. But all that matters is can he lead you from Point A to Point B. I like him. You cannot coach character. You cannot coach leadership.''

So, as any good reporter would do, they ask Ditka his thoughts on Jay Cutler

It's clear Ditka is not much of a Jay Cutler fan, not after the quarterback's odd NFC Championship Game exit.

‘‘If Cutler's not in the future,'' he says matter-of-factly, ‘‘go after the best quarterback available. Leadership and character, you can't teach those.''

Take it how you want to.  Me?  It looks like Mike Ditka doesn't think Cutler is the future, and worse yet, as serious doubts about Cutler's 'Leadership and Character'.

Cutler aside for a second, is anyone keeping track of the FOOTBALL COACHES that think Tebow is going to have success?    I have had, and still have my doubts, but damn, it is hard not to like this guy!