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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 4/12/11



Broncos Mailbag: What is Kyle Orton's true trade value? - The Denver Post
I think Goodman and Cox give the Broncos substantial depth at right corner. But as Fox converts the defense from a 3-4 to 4-3, the Broncos don't have a true strongside linebacker who can rush the passer (which is why Von Miller would be a perfect fit) or the type of defensive tackles who can penetrate the backfield (which is why Fairley may be a better fit than Dareus, who was a 3-4 nosetackle/end at Alabama). It also doesn't make economic sense for the Broncos to give a fresh $43 million contract to Bailey at left cornerback and then potentially a $45 million deal to another cornerback, leaving them with few resources to address their front seven. Peterson may well be the right player but he comes along at the wrong time in terms of Broncos priorities.

Q&A: How quickly Broncos rebuild depends on the NFL draft - The Denver Post
When Elway retired as a player, the Broncos' business model took a hit because the safety net was gone. Virtually every head coach enshrined in the Hall of Fame had a Hall of Fame quarterback in his offense. When those quarterbacks were gone, even those coaches struggled to regain the glory. Chuck Noll, Paul Brown, Bill Walsh, Hank Stram and Tom Landry didn't win titles without a Hall of Fame quarterback. In the modern era, Bill Belichick has a losing record in games Tom Brady hasn't started. While successful teams such as the Colts, Ravens and Patriots — five Super Bowl titles among them — have worked the draft and used a careful, long-term approach in free agency, the Broncos have continued to try to spend their way to victory in the post-Elway era. Denver draft picks have been traded or cut before they've had a chance to show what they can do. And year after year, short-term veterans have been signed for big-time money, expenditures that eroded the Broncos' long-term plan.

Q&A: Best in 2011 NFL draft open to opinion - The Denver Post
Truth be told, though, it's rare when you would get all 32 teams to say there is just one player who is the unquestioned best player on the board. Opinions are routinely split, even among a team's personnel department, before the boards are set. Even last year, when almost everyone in the league believed Sam Bradford would be the No. 1 pick of the draft by the St. Louis Rams because he was the best quarterback on the board going to a team that desperately needed a franchise quarterback, from a strictly football perspective a strong case could have been made Ndamukong Suh was still the "best" player on the board.

NFL labor problems will hurt undrafted free agents - The Denver Post
Some rookies, who watched the seven rounds go by without hearing their name called on the draft weekend, have often said it worked out for the best because they could then have their pick of interested teams that may need a little more help at their position. Trouble is, however, those players could be left out in the cold this year, waiting for lawyers and negotiators on both sides of the NFL's current labor squabble to posture less and negotiate more. If the current lockout isn't lifted, if there isn't some ruling by a judge before this year's draft, there is no free agency in place. That means the players who aren't drafted would go unsigned and have to wait and see.

2011 NFL Draft Preview: Tight Ends
Next up in the nine-part series: tight ends. Below you will find six of the top prospects at the position. Later in the week, we will profile another prospect to keep an eye on with a name Broncos fans are plenty familiar with -- Arkansas tight end D. J. Williams.

Your 2011 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders!
After a long and difficult tryout process, which included a formal interview and a test of their football knowledge, 26 women have earned the coveted spots on the 2011 Denver Broncos Cheerleaders. The process began with nearly 150 women who came to the annual auditions. That number was whittled down to 90, then 60, and finally the final 26.

After a hard life, Gamecocks' Chisolm deserves a look in NFL draft - The Denver Post
At its roots, the NFL draft is about possibilities, about the intersection of talent and desire, of effort and character. It's a place where talent can be the most wasted resource imaginable, in which effort can overcome, at times, even logic. And through the years, there always are one or two players worthy of a turned eye, just to see what happens to them along the way. In this draft, there is Garrett Chisolm. The former South Carolina left guard and right tackle is projected to be a guard in the NFL.

Klis: Helping battered former NFL players now in spotlight - The Denver Post
Credit former Green Bay Packer Jerry Kramer and Green Bay resident Jennifer Smith. It was Kramer who came up with the idea five years ago of forming a charitable organization that would help so many destitute, battered retired players. And it was Smith who threw her life behind Kramer's idea to help form the Gridiron Greats. "It was not only Jerry's idea, but I would also attribute much of that to the men who, as much pain as they felt, checked their pride and egos and came forward publicly with their plight," Smith said. Always in past labor squabbles, whether in football, baseball or basketball, players had to fight the perception they were spoiled and greedy.

Ex-Bronco John Lynch take readers' questions in "Fan Mail" | All Things Broncos
The first time I met John Lynch was in the summer of 2004 at Mike Shanahan’s annual charity golf tournament. Lynch has just come over to the Broncos from Tampa Bay as a free agent. He made quite a first impression, acing the second hole at the Omni Interlocken Golf Resort. "Talk about good karma, that was it right there," Lynch told me. "I’ve never done it and I’ve never even seen a hole in one before. It’s a rush."

Broncos Draft History: Offensive Line
As we wrap up our week's preview of the offensive linemen available in the 2011 NFL Draft, let's take a look back at who the Broncos have drafted at those positions.

Dontay Moch, Ryan Coulson work out for Broncos | National Football Post
The Denver Broncos have conducted a private workout for Nevada outside linebacker-defensive ends Dontay Moch and Ryan Coulton, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation. They also worked out for an undisclosed AFC team. news: Broncos set to host Alabama DL Dareus, LSU CB Peterson
John Elway is doing his due diligence in preparation for his first draft as a front-office member of the Denver Broncos. Elway, Denver's executive vice president of football operations, revealed Monday that more of the draft's top talent will make the trip to team headquarters this week. "We'll have 13 more draft prospects visiting us over the next 10 days, including (Alabama) DL Marcell Dareus and (LSU) CB Patrick Peterson," Elway tweeted on Monday.

2011 NFL Draft Team Needs: Denver Broncos - Mocking The Draft
With the number of needs the Broncos have, I feel I would not do this post justice by listing just the top three. I am going to list the top three and then two secondary needs after that. 1. Defensive Tackle - Switching to the 4-3 will require the Broncos to add at least a pair of defensive tackles in the 2011 NFL Draft. Denver lost Justin bannan, Jamal Williams, and Ronald Fields this offseason. Luckily, they are in position to potentially have their choice between Auburn's Nick Fairly and Alabama's Marcell Dareus with the second overall pick.


When it comes to keeping the Chargers in San Diego, no news is good news | ProFootballTalk
Matthew T. Hall of the San Diego Union-Tribune provides a detailed update as to the status of the team’s efforts to stay put. San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders met last month with Chargers president Dean Spanos, but there have been no tangible developments regarding a new stadium since then. Meanwhile, AEG continues to move forward with plans to build a stadium in Los Angeles, even though the team(s) to play there have not yet been identified.

Vikings don’t like but won’t strongly oppose relocation aspect of stadium bill | ProFootballTalk
Earlier today, we pointed out an aspect of the Vikings stadium bill that would require the franchise to leave the team name, logos, colors, records, and trophies in Minnesota, if the team ever moves. Vikings V.P. of public affairs and stadium development Lester Bagley tells PFT that the team doesn’t like the provision, but that the team won’t try too hard to get it out of the bill.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
*A mini-trend this year, according to several front office men, is that teams are not giving prospects a particular grade just because those players are "supposed to" have that grade, as per the rest of the league. It seems that teams are more inclined to go out on a limb with players, even if their thinking is unconventional. The result could be more surprise picks, especially towards the end of the first round.

Kurt Warner set to appear in made-for-TV movie | National Football Post
It’s not quite Terry Bradshaw in "Cannonball Run," but another star quarterback will hit the big screen. Kurt Warner will appear in the Fox made-for-television movie "Truth Be Told" this coming Saturday. The retired quarterback has a cameo role along with his wife Brenda. The movie stars David James Elliot, who was in the popular series "JAG."

Titans coaches turn to film room during lockout - NFL -
The NFL lockout makes it even more difficult being a new coach with a new team in the league. Coaches can't work with the players they have on the roster, and there's no wooing of free agents who could fill gaping holes. So the Tennessee Titans, the NFL team that went through the final and latest coaching change, are doing all they can - watching film and prepping for the NFL draft. news: Bengals' Whitworth worried lockout will affect quality of NFL
The majority of NFL players with whom I've spoken say they have yet to reach the critical point for missed offseason workouts with their teams. Late April and May are, they say, the time when the loss of minicamps and other organized team activity because of the lockout would be the most harmful to preparation for the season. Generally speaking, most players spend March and the early part of April working out on their own, usually somewhere other than where their team is based. news: State lawmakers to consider bill for new Vikings stadium
The Minnesota Vikings finally got their stadium bill Friday, but with just 45 days left in the legislative session, they must compete for attention from state lawmakers who are mulling deep spending cuts in response to a $5 billion budget shortfall. The bill is set to be introduced Monday, but its text was released Friday. It proposes spending $300 million in money from state taxpayers to help cover the costs of the Vikings' long-sought replacement for the Metrodome. Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, said she's glad to finally have a proposal for fellow lawmakers and the public to consider. news: Shining bright: Bucs' Dominik a rising star in GM universe and NFL Network analysts recently were asked to pick the general manager we would choose to handle our draft. Predictably, Ted Thompson of the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers drew the most votes. Kevin Colbert of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bill Polian of the Indianapolis Colts and Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots also were among the obvious choices mentioned. Soon, however, that discussion is going to have a new name: Mark Dominik.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says he was bothered by toughness questions - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
"I was gone, and I stayed away from it all," Cutler said. "But I can't say it didn't bother me that people questioned my toughness and desire to play. I think I've been through a lot here in Chicago, and I would have loved to play."

Ex-Pittsburgh Steeler Terry Bradshaw: Concussions affecting me - ESPN
he 62-year-old Shreveport native said Monday he has been having short-term memory loss as well as the loss of hand-eye coordination. He also said he is undergoing rehabilitation for those ailments. "I forgot the numbers. It's pretty staggering," Bradshaw said. "If you play in the NFL and start for 10 years, it's not good. It is not good." Blogs " Blog Archive Who said it: Bennett or Sheen? "
In fact, the way Bennett runs his mouth, he kind of reminds us of a certain celebrity who has gotten in trouble for running his mouth recently. You know, John Cena. Just kidding, of course it’s Charlie Sheen. So we decided to make a little game. We have rounded up 12 quotes, and you have to pick out which ones are from Bennett, and which are from Sheen.

Cold, Hard Football Naughty Nurse: strong vital signs in Motown!?
You can’t talk about the Detroit Lions’ future without talking about their past. They placed only one member on the all-1970s, 1980s, 1990s or 2000s teams (Barry Sanders). And even when they had Sanders they could manage only one playoff win, a divisional smackdown of the budding-dynasty Cowboys in 1991. The last postseason victory before that day? The 1957 NFL championship game.

Advanced NFL Stats: Top Ten Most Exciting Games of 2010: Skins at Lions
Advanced Stats for Players and Teams Browse innovative advanced stats for offensive skill players, defenders and teams, including Win Probability Added, Expected Points Added, and Success Rate. Community Research Interested in publishing your own football research, analysis, or stat-based commentary? Advanced NFL Stats Community is the site to share your thoughts and ideas. There's plenty of data available to get started. Win Probability Graphs Check out the Win Probability graphs and play-by-play for the current season or for previous seasons. Or check out your favorite team's biggest comebacks and most exciting games. Browse the archive for previous years or the current season by week. Apr 11, 2011 Top Ten Most Exciting Games of 2010: Skins at Lions Rex Grossman straps on his helmet; stretches, paces, takes the field. The field mike picks up a Redskin angrily complaining about a missed facemask penalty on the kick return. The camera zooms on Grossman. It’s his first snap of the season. It’s first and ten on the Washington 30, Skins downs six, 1:54 remaining in the game. On the sideline, Donovan McNabb twists his face into various frowns.


Teams looking to trade? More complicated in 2011. -
Put simply, under the old CBA, teams have the option of offering a six-year deal to players drafted among the first 16 picks. This isn't to say that every team would get their player to sign a six-year deal, but the team has that option. Players drafted from No. 17-32 can be offered only a five-year max deal. Any players drafted after the first round can only be given a four-year maximum contract. With no CBA in place, it is anyone's guess if the old rules will apply to this year's draft class.

DeAndre McDaniel NFL Draft scouting report - Mocking The Draft
Final word: McDaniel really arrived as an NFL prospect with a sensational 2009 season. On the year, he had 102 tackles and eight interceptions, earning All American honors. He has a lot of attributes to be a very good NFL safety. He's big and physical, and has some versatility to his game. However, there's just something holding him back from being a premier prospect.

Ahmad Black NFL Draft scouting report - Mocking The Draft
Final word: As everyone says, if Black were four inches taller, he'd probably be a top 50 draft pick. Black has faced size concerns throughout his career, but he just seems to make big plays in big games. He had 13 career interceptions to go with 244 tackles and 14 tackles for loss. Returned three interceptions for touchdowns. Still, it will be impossible for some to get past Black's size limitations. Fair or not, it is a detriment to his game and will be only more evident in the NFL.

Tyler Sash NFL Draft scouting report - Mocking The Draft
Final word: Sash was one of the surprise early entrants to the 2011 NFL Draft. He showed at Iowa, though, that he's ready for the NFL. He has experience in zone coverage and is decent in man. With 13 career interceptions, he has shown he can make a play on the ball. While he may never be a top-tier safety in the pros, he's good. Sash has consistently made plays and really likes to be around the action.

Why I love the draft. - Mocking The Draft
Ultimately its this hope that makes me enjoy being a so-called draftnik so much. So now I ask you crazy fools the same question my friends always ask me. Why the hell do you like the draft so much?

Cold, Hard Football CHFF's anti-Mock Draft
If you are a zombie-minded disciple of these draft "pundits," you might fall prey to evaluating NFL prospects by their "good motors," "high character" and scholarly Wonderlic results. But each is a useless indicator of actual ability to, you know, play football. We here at Cold, Hard Football Facts believe that "good motors" are better suited for ’69 Camaros. And when we hear the words "high character" we think of famous stoners like Spicoli or Wooderson.

NFL draft 2011: Cam Newton plans to attend NFLPA's event - ESPN
The NFLPA calls its event "a celebration of legacy -- of past, present and future football players coming together to honor those making the journey from prospect to professional." While this year's draftees are no longer considered amateurs, the NFL forwarded a note on Monday to the players warning of potential NCAA violations at draft parties.

Carolina Panthers request junior college tape on Cam Newton - Peter King -
I talked to Carolina GM Marty Hurney the other day, and though he didn't give me a clue about who the Panthers plan to pick with the first overall choice ("We've got time,'' Hurney said, "and maybe our list changes before the first round begins''), it's beginning to look a lot like Newton. More and more, the Panthers seem to be getting comfortable with the idea of choosing a player with only 284 major-college passes ... in some part because of the year he spent righting his football and personal life at a junior college, Blinn, 45 minutes outside Houston. - Character assessments shape NFL success
The ability to evaluate talent and understand how it fits into a specific scheme is critical to drafting well. What can have an even greater impact, though, in the final weeks preceding the draft — when teams set final grades on their draft boards — is character. - Q&A with Illinois DT Corey Liuget
While all of the defensive tackle talk for the 2011 NFL draft revolves around two top-10 picks, Alabama's Marcell Dareus and Auburn's Nick Fairley, the next DT in line has been soaring up draft boards since the fall, and that's Illinois' Corey Liuget. After losing 30 pounds before his senior season, Liuget brought his game to another level in 2010, recording 12½ tackles for loss and 4½ sacks. He is now expected to be a late first-round pick.

The NFP round breakdown | National Football Post
Using the NFP’s prospect grading scale, here is an outline of where I would feel comfortable selecting each prospect during the first three rounds of the draft.

Breaking down Patrick Peterson in press-coverage | National Football Post
Let’s talk Patrick Peterson. The former LSU CB is a top five talent and without question the No.1 prospect at the position. Speed (4.34 40), size (6-0, 219) and play making ability out of the SEC—where game tape is treated like gold. Today, I want to look at his interception from the 2010 season vs. Mississippi State, because we get to see Peterson aligned in press-man coverage and playing the football down the field. A good view of technique and overall athletic ability at the CB position.

2011 NFL Draft - NFL Lockout Makes Taking QB In Top Ten Dicey : Zennie Abraham : City Brights
That was the case last year for Sam Bradford, the Oklahoma Sooners signal caller who was picked number one by the St. Louis Rams. Bradford met with the media at the Draft, then got on a plane to St. Louis to meet his new bosses, first among them Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo. Then, the very next week, Rams Rookie Mini Camp started, and allowed Spagnuolo to not just make sense of the new playbook, or new to the draft picks, but how it feels to run the plays in it. Now, fast-forward to 2011. The Carolina Panthers can't do any of that because of the NFL Lockout. The Panthers can't fly their pick in to town for anything other than a press conference, coach the pick in camps of any kind, or have any direct contact with the pick.


Comparing lockout to 1982, 1987 apples to oranges right now | National Football Post
It’s important to note those work stoppages took out parts of the regular season. In 1982, half of the season was lost. In 1987, one game was lost and three were played using replacement players. Comparing those situations to the current one, at least right now, is apples to oranges. This is the time of year when players would just be easing into (voluntary) offseason workout programs. We’re not talking about missing hard-core football work right now. Sure, the work is important, but it’s also overkill to a degree.

Tim Leiweke predicts a doubling of TV rights fees | ProFootballTalk
"You can look at the NFL and bet the house they’re going to double their rights fees in the next negotiation," Leiweke said. Reminded of comments from CBS president and CEO Les Moonves from eight years earlier indicating that the "days of networks paying ever-escalating rights fees may be over," Leiweke said, "That’s because he’s the guy paying." If the NFLPA* takes Leiweke’s words to heart, the NFLPA* will want far more than $161 million per team in salary and benefits for 2014, the first year of the next TV deal. At a minimum, the NFLPA* will want assurances that they’ll share in the revenues over and above the league’s paltry estimate of 2.5-percent growth for 2014.

When greatness is lost | National Football Post
And that’s why we’re all so maddened by the lockout. It’s not that millionaires are fighting with billionaires. It’s not that you need to have a law degree to understand what’s going on right now. It’s not that football has turned into a courtroom chess match completely out of our control. No, it’s not that at all. We need football in our lives. We need it to inspire us, to motivate us, to help us get out of bed in the morning. We need it to remind us that greatness is out there, that it is achieved everyday. That can be easy to forget sometimes, easy to overlook amidst the hubbub of our daily lives.

The offseason of discontent | National Football Post
On the one-month anniversary of the lockout (what cause for celebration!) and decertification, mediation, litigation and frustration of the past couple of months in football, let’s take a step back and regain an understanding of what this whole mess is about: who gets how much of all of the money coming into the NFL. Everything that has happened and will happen in this seemingly endless battle between NFL Owners and Players is jockeying for position when the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is finally settled/negotiated/mediated, hopefully sooner rather than later. news: Judge Nelson grants motion to add Smith to players' counsel
U.S. District Court Judge Susan Nelson on Monday granted the motion by the Brady class to add NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith to the players' counsel, and consolidated the Brady et al v. the National Football League et al and Eller et al v. National Football League et al cases.