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Denver Broncos Allegedly Shopping 2nd Overall Pick

BREAKING: Arizona and Washington are discussing trades with Denver to move up to No. 2 overall to select Blaine Gabbertless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Rumor has it that the Denver Broncos are talking with the Redskins and Cardinals to move back in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. To give you some perspective of how far the Broncos would move back if this trade went through, the Washington Redskins own the 10th overall pick and the Arizona Cardinals own the 5th overall pick.

Mike Shanahan is famous for moving up because he falls in love with an NFL prospect. This move would make a ton of sense for the Redskins. However, if there is still a lockout, there's a possibility that the Redskins would not be able to afford to make this trade, according to an NFL Draft value chart. They own the 10th, 41st, 144th, 155th, 177th, 213th, 224th, and 253rd overall picks. The second overall pick would be worth 2600 points, but even all of the Redskins picks, combined, would equal only 1882.2. Granted, not all trades have to be within the guidelines of this chart. However, this is a vast difference, especially considering the fact that the Redskins would be throwing all of their draft picks into this deal.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, would need far less ammo to make the jump. They own the 5th, 38th, 69th, 103rd, 136th, 171st, and 184th. That certainly makes them eligible to make the 3 pick leap to the #2 overall pick. Arizona's need for a quarterback makes this rumor palatable, but a lot of people (including myself) have considered this organization one that doesn't move up in the draft very often. They could certainly prove us wrong if they make this deal.

The great thing for the Broncos is that there is apparently a bidding war for their first round draft pick. During an interview with 104.3 the Fan a few minutes ago, John Elway, when asked if they'd be open to trading the #2 pick said "we'd be open to it, but the value would have to be there". He was holding his cards close to the vest, but if reports are true, expect a great haul for the Broncos in any trade.