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A First Look at the Broncos 2011 Season Schedule

Tim Tebow wonders if he'll get the starting nod at quarterback for the Broncos in the 2011 Monday Night opener against the Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Tim Tebow wonders if he'll get the starting nod at quarterback for the Broncos in the 2011 Monday Night opener against the Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Now that the Regular Season Schedule has been announced, we can see how the Broncos year sizes up. It's nice to see a 2 game home stand to start things off. It has been too long since that has occurred. Being in the National spotlight in Game one means the country will know exactly how the Broncos season will unfold on the 2nd game of the Double header Monday Night Football opener. Ah well, at least the Home Field advantage will be there. It could be Tim Tebow's Monday Night debut as well.

Cincinnati visits on Week 2 looking for revenge on the Miracle Catch game that Brandon Stokely took from them. An early trip to Tennessee in the 3rd Week will show us which team has gelled with their new Head Coaches.  

Week 4: Visiting Lambeau Field in early October means pleasant weather, but that will likely be the only nice thing in that game for the Broncos.

Week 5 brings a visit from the Chargers on my Birthday. I'm going to have to go see this one live.

The Bye during the 6th Week is not very propitious. That is simply too early to take advantage of the yearly nicks that players end up with. I will speculate that if Tebow isn't starting at this point, he won't until the end of the season.

Week 7 will be a humid game in Miami, though not as bad as a September game. Maybe the Dolphins will break out a new punter that week. Do punters wear #19?

Hosting Detroit should be fun in Week 8, but I'm betting they're not a pushover this year. The odds Matthew Stafford is healthy this late in the season have to be 25-1.

Then comes the rough part of the schedule. This 5-game stretch will ultimately define the Broncos season.

Two division games on the road with Oakland and Kansas City on Weeks 9 and 10, the the Jets at home on November 17th. Another two-game road trip to San Diego and then Minnesota (Those are Flex games by the way).The Chargers and the Vikes both want new stadiums to play in and the Metrodome isn't going to get a new roof, so this one might be like the old days--in the Minnesota frozen waste. Cue Dirty Diddy Money for Eric Decker cuz he's "Comin' Home."

Jay Cutler comes a-calling on December 11th and the Mile High fanbase will surely show him how loud a "6" can get. I predict a 4 Sack game for Elvis Dumervil and one "pick six." This one's a Flex game too. So is the Week 15 date with the Patriots at Mile High. There won't be any fist-pump, but the "Mile High Salute" will be out in proliferation.

The Broncos will spend a cool Christmas Eve at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, but it's an early afternoon game, so they should just beat Santa's sleigh back home. Maybe we could get NORAD to track their Charter jet too.

Once again the Broncos end the season at home against Kansas City. This is also a Flex game and even if it's not a Playoff primer, I challenge the fans to "Get the Red out."

Other than that, it's way too early to make any other assumptions since the Draft, Free Agency and more importantly, the CBA hasn't been decided yet.

Now bring on the Draft and...

Go Broncos!