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2011 Denver Broncos Draft Cameos: Von Miller

Linebacker - Von Miller, Texas A&M

Height:  6'2"
Weight:  237
40yd:  4.60

Interest Level:

Private Workout:  Yes
Private Visit to Team Facility:  Yes
Attended Proday:  Yes
Other: -

Quick Take:

A roving force of speed and power, could occupy a Jack style position, but may benefit the most in the NFL from a flow-Will setup, stacked on a defensive end to keep him clean.  Has an uncanny knack to track down the ball and to get after the passer.  Keen instincts for finding the weak points of a pocket and applying precise pressure.  Very quick off the snap, allows him to play some at the LOS, and also to be a force in goalline defense.  Far too small for a dedicated DE role in the NFL and can get locked up by tackles and TEs, though he has the strength to avoid washing out of the play completely.  Good technical pass rush skills, and has the speed to recover vs. misdirection and stretch type plays.  Versatile enough to take on zone drop responsibilities, though he does not react instinctively in that role and has room to grow and become more consistent.  Will perform best if he is not asked to square to a traditional mold, so a coach needs to be willing to change a scheme or play if they want to get the most out of Miller's elite versatility.

Where He Goes in the Draft:

Top 5

What is Denver's Interest In Him?


His talent has him in strong consideration for the #2 overall selection, though he is ideal for a trade down scenario at #4 or #5.  Lack of perfect schematic fit may make him less attractive, though EFX has recently pointed out how much they like his play.  Fox in particular has gushed about Miller, and may see ways to get Miller involved in his more traditional 4-3 under the creative Dennis Allen.


Position, Name

CB Patrick Peterson

DT Marcell Dareus

Top OLB/DE Von Miller



2 Middle


3 Middle


4 Middle

5 Top



[Note:  All players in the table are ranked by overall grade within their round grouping, however, the round groupings are based on where this player will likely be drafted based on where teams are currently selecting in the draft.  Therefore a player is ranked within a group by his level of ability, but players in nearby groupings may have higher or lower actual grades, despite being in a different group.  Confusing enough for you? --Styg]