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Open Thread: 2011 Denver Broncos Pre-Draft Press Conference

John Elway and Brian Xanders are set to take the podium live at noon MST (2 pm EST) for the team's annual pre-draft press conference. A day after the schedule was released, we can likely expect them to talk about a few of the matchups that the Broncos will face during the 2011 NFL season.

The meat and potatoes of this press conference, however, will be the plans for the upcoming draft. We're not expecting any major announcements such as who exactly will be selected with the second overall pick. With a little over a week before the NFL Draft, the Broncos will likely be smokescreening as much as they are telling the truth. Nevertheless, we'll be listening 

Pat Bowlen is on hand for the 4th day of NFL's forced mediation in Minneapolis today, so he will not be on hand for the press conference. 

Feel free to use this open thread to discuss the NFL Draft possibilities as they're being discussed by John Elway and Brian Xanders... and, as always, Go Broncos!

The press conference has ended, but as soon as the recording is available, we'll provide the link.