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2011 Denver Broncos Draft Cameos: Cam Newton

Quarterback - Cam Newton, Auburn

Height:  6'5"
Weight:  248
40yd:  4.59

Interest Level:

Private Workout:  Yes
Private Visit to Team Facility:  Yes
Attended Proday:  Yes
Other: -

Quick Take:

One year starter, JUCO transfer.  Primarily a no-huddle spread QB, in a run-first offense.  Has the potential to be a very explosive passer at the NFL level, though maturation of every facet of his passing game is required to master an offense.  Also runs the dive and read option and wildcat variations, and gets north south quickly when the ball is in his hands.  Ran a simplified offense, though all reports indicate that he is a good learner and retains teaching, coaching and whiteboard material well.  Has enough physical talent and experience to make all the throws in practice, and thus has a firm foundation for coaches to build him up within a nuanced offense requiring anticipation of throwing windows, coverage reads and changes, and fundamentals in footwork and body control.  Good intangibles, a natural leader, learns quickly by doing.  Has been involved in situations that carry significant red flags, so teams will really need to get to know him when placing him on the draft board.

Where He Goes in the Draft:

Top 10

What is Denver's Interest In Him?


I know many Broncos fans think even a mild interest in a QB is too high, but Denver is doing their homework on Cam.  They have seen as much of him in an offseason as it is possible to see, and he was part of their final day's visits scheduled for the team facilities.  They have zero interest in pursuing him as a player, but they know they need to get a good handle on his value on the off chance that he could add something really special.  What will be tricky is deciding whether Carolina passing on him represents a falling player that they need to seriously consider at #2.  In my opinion he absolutely can't be allowed to slip out of the top 10, but Denver should only consider him after trading out of the #2 pick, and not within the top 4.


Position, Name

CB Patrick Peterson

DT Marcell Dareus

QB Blaine Gabbert

Top OLB/DE Von Miller
DE Robert Quinn

DT Nick Fairley

QB Cam Newton



2 Middle


3 Middle


4 Middle

5 Top



[Note:  All players in the table are ranked by overall grade within their round grouping, however, the round groupings are based on where this player will likely be drafted based on where teams are currently selecting in the draft.  Therefore a player is ranked within a group by his level of ability, but players in nearby groupings may have higher or lower actual grades, despite being in a different group.  Confusing enough for you? --Styg]