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Shannon Sharpe Will Announce Denver Broncos' Second Round Pick

NFL Draft 2011: Shannon Sharpe To Announce #Broncos Second Round Picks than a minute ago via SB Nation Favorite Retweet Reply

After a long Thursday evening of announcing draft picks, Roger Goodell will get an opportunity to sit down and rest for the second round of the NFL Draft on Friday. Shannon Sharpe, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this fall, will announce the Broncos' 2nd round picks during the 2011 NFL Draft, while former players from other teams will announce the second round picks for their respective clubs.

The Broncos have two picks in the second round (36th overall and 46th overall) and Shannon will be responsible for announcing both of those picks. Unless, of course, the Broncos move up or down the draft boards. In the event of a trade (or trades, plural), Shannon Sharpe will announce those extra 2nd round picks, as well.

The real question is the following:

Once they let Shannon start talking on stage, will they be able to get him off stage to allow another person a chance to own the spotlight? It is friday night, prime time television, after all, and Shannon isn't exactly shy...

As a huge fan of Shannon Sharpe, I'm all for letting him announce as many picks as he wants (or the NFL will allow). He's a great player, a great entertainer, and a great person. He is well deserving of Hall of Fame induction and I, personally, can't wait to see him inducted this fall.

Only 6 more days until the NFL Draft...