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2011 Denver Broncos Draft Cameos: Ryan Mallett

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Quarterback - Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

Height:  6'6"
Weight:  253
40yd:  5.37

Interest Level:

Private Workout:  No
Private Visit to Team Facility:  No
Attended Proday:  Yes
Other:  -

Quick Take:

Undeveloped big quarterback with a loaded weapon for an arm.  Great velocity on his throws, consistently puts the ball on a frozen rope to his receivers.  Able to take advantage of the big play over the top.  Willing to use his big body to pound out some tough yards, but struggles to stay patient and calm in the pocket.  Plays both spread and prostyle dropbacks, but only gets one shot at his set up, as he struggles to reset his feet and get his balance for an accurate throw if pressure forces him to move in the pocket.  Smart player with the ability to learn and develop quickly, though, managed a difficult offensive scheme at Arkansas, and knew how and when to make adjustments.

Where He Goes in the Draft:

Top of second round

What is Denver's Interest In Him?


Denver had a number of prospects to look at at the Arkansas proday, and never looked any deeper into Mallett's abilities, despite seemingly inspecting every other QB available.  With Dalton and Kaepernick is part of the slight dropoff that is the true 2nd round QBs, so Denver will likely not be tempted to look his way at either #36 or even #46.

Position, Name

CB Patrick Peterson

DT Marcell Dareus

QB Blaine Gabbert

Top OLB/DE Von Miller
DE Robert Quinn

DT Nick Fairley

QB Cam Newton

Middle OT Nate Solder
OT Anthony Costanzo
DE Da'Quan Bowers
DE Aldon Smith

Bottom DT/NT Phil Taylor
DE Adrian Clayborn
OG/C Danny Watkins
OLB Akeem Ayers


QB Jake Locker
QB Christian Ponder
DE Jabaal Sheard
QB Ryan Mallett
CB Brandon Harris
QB Andy Dalton

2 Middle


3 Middle


4 Middle

5 Top



[Note:  All players in the table are ranked by overall grade within their round grouping, however, the round groupings are based on where this player will likely be drafted based on where teams are currently selecting in the draft.  Therefore a player is ranked within a group by his level of ability, but players in nearby groupings may have higher or lower actual grades, despite being in a different group.  Confusing enough for you? --Styg]