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UPDATED: Brandon Marshall Stabbed


As Adam Schefter reports, former Denver Bronco Pro Bowl WR (and current Miami Dolphin) Brandon Marshall is in intensive care after being stabbed in the stomach.  Details are still few, but this isn't the first time that Marshall has found himself in trouble.

Though it's easy to rush to judgement about our troubled former receiver, let's remember that first and foremost a man is in intensive care after being stabbed.  Until we know what exactly happened, he's a victim of a crime and deserves the benefit of the doubt until we learn otherwise.

Schefter later reported that no vital organs were pierced and Marshall is expected to make a full recovery in two to three weeks. 

Marshall's representatives, Harvey Steinberg and Kennard McGuire, released the following statement early this morning: "This is a very difficult time for Brandon and family. Thankfully he will make a full recovery, we simply ask that his privacy is respected."