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NFL Lockout: Judge Nelson Rules In Favor Of Players, NFL To Appeal

A federal judge in Minnesota has ruled that the NFL does not have the authority to lockout it's players, this lifting the NFL Lockout.  Judge Susan B. Nelson made the ruling earlier today, meaning the NFL would have to open it's doors to the players.

That is, of course, unless the NFL is granted a stay of the ruling while appealing the case to the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals.  That is the next big order of business for Judge Nelson to decide on - with she grant the stay, meaning no business takes lace in the NFL during the appeal, or will she deny the NFL once again, immediately opening the NFL for business. 

The NFL released a statement immediately following the ruling:

We will promptly seek a stay from Judge Nelson pending an expedited appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. We believe that federal law bars injunctions in labor disputes. We are confident that the Eighth Circuit will agree. But we also believe that this dispute will inevitably end with a collective bargaining agreement, which would be in the best interests of players, clubs and fans. We can reach a fair agreement only if we continue negotiations toward that goal.

Now we sit and wait again.