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The Latest On The 2011 NFL Draft News and Rumors


Two days and counting before the 2011 NFL Draft begins. The Draft boards are all but set, save perhaps a minor tweak. For the fans, this event can't get here soon enough. Hungry for football and impatiently awaiting for the NFL Lockout to end and the restoration of the sport we love.   

As we found out yesterday afternoon, the Lockout has been overruled by Judge Nelson. At this time players cannot be traded. The NFL will not start the new league year until the stay ruling for the Owners to appeal. In other words, leave things as they are until the Appellate court makes it's ruling. To make things clearer, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be the one announcing the beginning of the new league year. Only then will we know when the Free Agency period will start.

Meanwhile, on the trade front...


John Elway has stated even though the Broncos are open to any offers, no one has been in contact with the Broncos regarding a trade for their #2. Brian Xanders has said that each decision will have to be made on a case-by-case basis. 

My Take on this: Either Elway isn't interested in giving that AP reporter an answer that would tip his hand, or there really hasn't been any interest. It is in the realm of possibility that a trade could happen, but only because the EFX team has done their homework on all the players and all the other teams needs and their own scenarios. Example: Who would they take with the draft picks swapped with the Bengals. Remember, there is only so much time on the clock. There really isn't time for dickering and negotiating a trade. These things simply must be outlined in advance. That and another team interested in moving up.

For those of you who are clinging to the belief that the Broncos will be trading the #2 pick on Thursday, former NFL coach Bill Parcells talks to Mike Tirico about the week leading up to the NFL Draft in this 2 minute video from Sunday afernoon. 

The full  "Bill Parcells' Draft Confidential" will air Tuesday night on ESPN. The 90-minute special will emphasize how teams formulate and execute philosophies, grade players, build a draft board, handle smokescreens and process trade scenarios. I would recommend watching that, as it should be a learning experience for any Draftnik.

If you're in the Denver area and are looking for a place to enjoy the Draft, former Bronco Terrell Davis will be Hosting the Denver Broncos' Draft Party at Jackson's Sports Rock on Thursday.

Here is the location:  

1520 20th Street (20th and Wazee)
Denver, Colorado 
303-298-ROCK (7625)  

John Elway and Brian Xanders chime in on the four possibilities at #2 that have all been mocked to the Broncos

Marcell Dareus, Defensive Lineman, Alabama
"He's the biggest of them all. He's a massive DT that's versatile across the line of scrimmage. They play a 3-4 at Alabama. He plays anywhere from an eight technique on the tight end all the way down to nose. He's a disruptive player. He's hard to block when he's stunting. He's a physically strong guy. He's probably the strongest defensive lineman." -Xanders

Nick Fairley, Defensive Lineman, Auburn
"Nick Fairley is a pure three technique. He's a disruptive, productive, competitive three technique. He's a very tall, linear, athletic player. He's a former basketball player. He's got long arms and he has very good athleticism on the move. He's a disruptive guy and he's very hard to block. His production was very, very high for what he did. He was basically a one-year starter but he did very well with his opportunities. He's got a big upside physically because he's still developing." -Xanders

Patrick Peterson, Cornerback, Lousiana State
"He's a great kid. We met with him multiple times. He has a rare body type for corner, because he's 220 pounds and he runs a 4.32 (forty-yard dash) and he's a playmaker, he's got a big upside and he loves football." - Xanders
"He's got great measurables, plays great and is a big-time playmaker. So, he's a great football player." -Elway

Von Miller, Linebacker, Texas A&M
"Well, Von, he's a guy that when you turn on the film you don't even have to know what number he is. That's how dynamic he is. He's a guy that's all over the field. He is a guy that is 250 pounds and runs a 4.5 (second 40-yard dash), or under a 4.5. His production has been unbelievable to have 17 sacks his junior year and 10 sacks last year even though he was a little banged up last year. His production was unbelievable last year, but (he is) a guy that was really a pass rusher, so you've got to do some projection there. We know he can rush the passer, but can he help us on first and second down and learn first and second down, where he's going to have to drop in coverage and cover some running backs and some tight ends? Each guy has a different equation. It's just a matter of -- once we get through that equation -- figuring out what comes out the other end that's best for the Denver Broncos. " -Elway

KC Joyner insists that Nick Fairley's stock should stay high and that the Auburn Defensive Tackle is more Suh than he is Haynesworth. 

Paul Kuharsky has Carolina choosing Cam Newton with the 1st pick, Denver going with Marcel Dareus at #2, Cincinnati picking Patrick Peterson 4th,  Arizona taking Von Miller with #5 and Nick Fairley miraculously dropping to Tennessee at #8.  

In case you were wondering, of the players who the Broncos held private workouts with, ten will be attending the Draft at the Radio City Music Hall.

  • Texas A&M LB Von Miller
  • Baylor guard Danny Watkins
  • Missouri DE Aldon Smith 
  • Baylor DT Phil Taylor 
  • UCLA LB Akeem Ayers 
  • Auburn DT Nick Fairley 
  • Alabama DT Marcell Dareus
  • LSU CB Patrick Peterson 
  • Auburn QB Cam Newton
  • Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert 

What does that mean? It means that out of the 25 players who were invited to the Draft proceedings, the Broncos have inside info on nearly half of them...Just in case.

The First round of the Draft starts on Thursday at 8 p.m. Each Team will have 10 minutes to make 1st-round picks, seven for 2nd-round picks and five for all other rounds. So if the Draft starts on time, our Bronco will be on the clock sometime between 7:10 and 7:30, depending on whether Roger Goodell offers any updates on the Labor Front.

The second and third rounds will begin on Friday at 6 p.m. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds will be held on Saturday at 12:00 noon. All times are Eastern.

Update 11:45 am MST

Players have asked Judge Nelson judge to force NFL owners to start the league year. Judge ordered owners to respond by 5 pm. tomorrow.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


This may be good news regarding player trades. If this happens, there could be a mad push for Kevin Kolb as well as a few other players that teams feel are expendable. I still believe the odds are slim though.

That's about all I have for now.

Go Broncos!