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NFL Lockout 2011: NFLPA Urges Agents And Players To Begin Negotiating With Teams

The news in the NFL continues to get weirder and weirder.  First came news tha tplayers were showing up at team facilities, only to be told they couldn't work out.  Sure, teams welcomed them, but beyond a handshake and a cup of coffee there was nothing for them to do.

Now comes word that the NFLPA* has sent a memo to players(free agents) and agents urging them to begin negotiating with teams.  This, of course, because of yesterday's ruling by Judge Nelson that ended the NFL Lockout.  Of course, all this could end tomorrow when Nelson will hear from players why she should not grant a stay in the proceedings while the NFL appeals her decision.  Until then, however, the NFLPA* wants to start the NFL calendar - right now!

According to, the NFLPA wants agents to start talking to teams.

The letter states that "unless or until" U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson issues a stay of her ruling to end the NFL-imposed lockout, as the league has asked, the NFLPA* believes business should begin now. If a player's contract has expired, the letter states "class counsel believes that you and your agent can start negotiating."

The letter, which provides a primer and a question-and-answer segment about the latest developments in the courts, goes on to state that if a team "refuses" to cooperate in negotiations with a free agent, "you should contact class counsel immediately." The letter also provides appropriate contact information.

One agent, David Canter, has admitted to sending texts to all 32 teams about free agents he represents.  The results?

Spent last 1 to 2 hours contacting teams about my free agents via text message. 0 responses. Can you say collusion?

Needless to say, things will only get more chaotic over the next 48 hours.