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NFL Draft 2011: Thoughts On The Draft With Mile High Sports Radio

Last night, late last night for me, I was asked to be a guest on the Brandon Spano Show on MileHighSports Radio(93.7FM, 1510AM) in Denver. Anytime these conversations are recorded I like to post them so you can hear my thoughts, and rip them to shreds in the comments!


It is a solid 15 minutes of NFL Draft talk - very little on NFL labor issues - and worth the listen if you are so inclined. We discuss what the Broncos could do, why I think a trade is still a very good possibility and John Elway's performance so far as the V.P. of Football Ops for the Broncos.

My thanks to Brandon and MileHighSports Radio for having me on and to all of you for being the reason my voice is heard. There is no stopping Broncos Country!

Tune in to the 2011 NFL Draft on NFL Network