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2011 NFL Draft - Round 1 Open Thread(Picks 1-12)


 2011 NFL Draft
Round/Pick Team
Player, Position, School Comments
Cam Newton QB - Auburn  No real surprise here. 
1.2    Von Miller LB - Texas A&M  Al Wilson's heir apparent. EFX got their guy. Miller is an intelligent player and the next leader on Defense for the Broncos. 
 1.3   Marcell Dareus DT - Alabama  A great fit for Buffalo's 3-4 alignment. 
1.4    A.J. Green WR - Georgia  The Bengals get a great WR that may placate Carson Palmer and take over for aging Ochocinco 
 1.5   Patrick Peterson CB -LSU   The consensus top Corner in the Draft improves the Defensive Backfield for Arizona.


Julio Jones WR - Alabama 

Atlanta gave away 2nd & 4th round picks in 2011 & 2012 to move up here and the Cleveland Browns load up on picks. 
 1.7   Aldon Smith DE - Missouri  Surprisingly, the 49ers ignore their need at QB, but add some pass rushing ability 
1.8     Jake Locker QB - Washington Tennessee passes on Fairley to select a replacement and upgrade to Vince Young 
 1.9   Tyron Smith OT - USC  Dallas makes a good move to protect the fragile Tony Romo. 


Blaine Gabbert QB - Missouri 

Washington gets two 2nd-round picks and the Jaguars get a spread QB. 
 1.11   J.J. Watt DE - Wisconsin  Gary Kubiak gets a strong edge rusher to balance Mario Williams. Great addition. 
1.12    Christian Ponder QB - Florida St.  Surprise! The Vikes needed a QB and Ponder is a WEst Coast type with an average arm.