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2011 NFL Draft: John Elway Is Tim Tebow's Biggest Fan

I'm sure several young ladies, and thousands of Florida Gators fans may disagree, but Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has a big fan in Broncos V.P John Elway.  Since today is the beginning of the 2011 NFL Draft, that's a good thing.

Elway spent some time talking to ESPN's Ed Werder - why isn't he in Dallas? - and from the sounds of it the Broncos are ready to move into the future with Tebow under center.  Elway did say, however, many of the same things he has said all along about Tebow - he must improve as a pocket passer for the Broncos to be ultimately be successful.

"Let’s put it this way, I’m his biggest fan," Elway said. "He’s one of those guys who – if he comes out and is the player we hope he can be – then we’re in pretty darn good shape. He’s a great ambassador for us as a team. He realizes, and I’ve told him: the bottom line is, ‘You can do all those things and make all those plays that a lot of guys can’t do, and that’s something you have that they don’t – but you have to realize for us to be champions, you have to be able to win it from the pocket and make all those throws from the pocket."

It is clear the Broncos know they must target the defense in this draft and let Tebow grow into the quarterback position.  That comes as a huge relief to Broncos fans everywhere.