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Reviewing The Draft - 2005 Edition

People always argue if a draft class was good or not and grade it. Most people including me think that it takes 2 or 3 years before you can actually grade a class. Leading up to the draft we will take a look at who the Broncos drafted in the past 10 years. These drafts were conducted by Mike Shanahan and Josh McDaniels

Darrent Williams - Defensive Back - Oklahoma State - 56th Overall

Darrent Williams was arguably the best cornerback in the Big 12 in his year. Williams was quick and had excellent athleticism. He was also a top return ma. The only knock against him was his height. Williams had a huge impact on the Broncos immediately. He recorded six interceptions in the two years he played for the Broncos. He was also a very strong kick returner for the team. Sadly, on January 1st 2007, Williams was shot in a drive by shooting and killed instantly.

Karl Paymah - Defensive Back - Defensive Back - Washington State - 76th Overall

Paymah is a 6'0 204 pound corner. Paymah was known for his blinding speed after he ran a 4.3 at the combine. Paymah played in 13 games with the Broncos in his rookie year and recorded 11 tackles, mainly on special teams. As the years went on, Paymah continued to be more involved with the team. He continued to get more time, getting playing time at corner and in 2007 he had two interceptions. However, the Broncos did not resign him and he moved on to the Vikings.

Dominique Foxworth - Defensive Back - Maryland - 97th Overall

Foxworth was a 5'11 175 pound DB. He was also very fast running a 40 in the 4.3's. At the combine he ran a 4.46. In his rookie year he had two interceptions and sixty-five tackles. The next season his production droppped a little bit with one interceptions and dorty eight tackles after a switch to strong safety.

Maurice Clarett - Runningback - Ohio State - 101st Overall

In what was considered a huge reach, the Broncos drafted Clarett with the last pick in the third round. Many thought he would fall late into the final rounds. if he was even drafted. He was out of shape and overweight at 248 pounds. After a pretty bad camp, the Broncos still signed him to a four year deal. But after several confrontations with coaches and not playing at all in the preseason, he was waived. Today he plays UFL.

Chris Myers - Guard - Miami(FL) - 200th Overall

Myers is a 6'4, 298 pound guard. Myers did not have a lot of impact in his first few seasons. He was on the roster for most games but did not play a whole lot. However, in 2007 he was the replacement for the injured Tom Nalen. Today he is the starter for the Texans.

Paul Ernster - Kicker - Northern Arizona - 239th Overall

Myers was the Broncos punter for the first two seasons. He then moved on to the Browns. Today he is a free agent.

This draft started out pretty well. Instead of Paymah, Justin Tuck would have been a great choice but Shanahan was never good at judging defensive line talent it appears.

What do you think of the draft? Grade It.