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Day Three 2011 NFL Draft Results For the AFC West

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At last the three day event known as the NFL Draft has ended. The Denver Broncos added more depth and speed to the team and did so without sacrificing character. It's no secret that this was at least part of the plan for the 31 other teams in the League. The Broncos don't have to contend with all 31 of them each year, but there are three teams that they will clash with twice each season as members of the AFC West Division. As Sun Tzu stated; "If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose."  So let us learn what our division opponents did in Day 3 of the 2011 Draft.                                               


Oakland had two picks in the 4th-Round, in which they selected DB Chimdi Chekwa (113) and RB Taiwan Jones (125). In the 5th-Round they chose WR Denarius Moore (148). Round 6 TE Richard Gordon was taken at 181. In Round 7, with the 241st pick, Oakland drafted WR David Ausberry.

Chekwa is a 6'1", 191 lb. Cornerback who typifies the Raiders--he has speed, running a 4.38 40. But as with all the other Oakland qualities, Chekwa doesn't have great hands. When describing Chimdi, I picture Darrius Heyward-Bey on Defense. Jones is another speedster. The 6'0", 196 lb. RB from Eastern Washington runs a 4.35 40, but isn't built to endure a regular workload. He is a poor blocker, so will only see limited touches. He could be a real weapon for the Raiders in the screen game if he can stay healthy. Moore is a 6'0", 194 lb. WR out of Tennessee has 4.43 speed, but unlike many of Oakland's other speedy Wideouts, he has soft hands. Denarius is more of a possession receiver. Gordon and Ausberry are longshots to even make the team.


San Diego blew their wad early, with 5 picks in the first 2 days of the draft. That left them without any selections in the middle rounds. They had two picks in the 6th round which they used on RB Jordan Todman (183) and OL Steve Schilling (201). In Round 7, the Chargers picked up OLB Andrew Gachkar with #234. Todman lacks the girth to be a pure inside runner and is more of a slasher type Running Back. Schilling has the strength and durability to become a starter, but needs to finish his blocks. Gachkar is a developmental project at OLB. He has the speed but must work on his technique and excel on Special Teams to stay in the NF.



Kansas City had five picks on Day 3. In the 4th-Round they chose DB Jalil Brown (118). In the 5th, QB Ricky Stanzi (135) and OLB Gabe Miller (140). With the 199th pick (6th Rd) they took DL Jerrell Powe and in Round 7, RB Shane Bannon (223).  

Brown has the size to succeed at the next level and with some technique work, could become a starter. Stanzi is an underrated player that will have the luxury of developing behind Matt Cassel and may end up as one heck of a steal. Miller better be an outstanding Special Teamer to stick with the Chiefs. Powe is a run stuffer who projects to the Nose Tackle position. Bannon has had good production but is not the type of athlete that will be able to succeed in the NFL.

There you have it. I believe the West will be a competitive division when football begind again.

Go Broncos!