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2011 NFL Draft: A Mile High Salute Is In Order!

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The 2011 NFL Draft is over and the Denver Broncos added nine new players to the roster. The effort put into making those nine selections goes far beyond anything we could ever dream of realizing and it's a cast of many beyond John Elway, Brian Xanders and John Fox.

The same can be said about MHR. This weekend is like Christmas for Broncos Country, and many of you paid a visit during the weekend to praise, complain, discuss and just talk some Broncos football.

We don't all agree on what the Broncos should do, who they should pick or what trade to make, exactly the way it should be - considering a family of nearly 9,000. Like any family, however, when it matters most we come together. Draft weekend - or anytime the Broncos play the Raiders - is a great example of that.

All that said, I wanted to take a moment - before we begin to debate the merits of the draft, free agency, and the rest of the offseason - to give a huge MHR Salute to the guys that really made this weekend possible here at MHR.

  • Jeremy Bolander and his 50 'Prospect Cameos' were the perfect primer for who the Broncos had looked at prior to the Draft.
  • Tim Lynch, who had put together all the open threads for the weekend. A thankless, yet extremely important task to keep the site moving along during a huge event like the NFL Draft.
  • Kirk Davis who supplied several of the BIO's of the picks as well as a look at what the rest of the AFC was doing during the draft.
  • Matt Worthington who assisted Kirk with those Bio and helped keep HQ organized behind the scenes.
  • Sayre Bedinger who supplied his opinionated review of what the Broncos did on each day of the Draft.
  • Troy Hufford, Brian Shrout, Jezru, Colby, Rich Kurtzman and the rest of the contributor staff that played a huge part - some behind the scenes, to keep things running smoothly at MHR.

Without the contributions of those above, MHR simply cannot be what you all have come to expect. Because your expectations for MHR are so high, the biggest thanks of all goes out to you. The members of MileHighReport are the reason the men above worked so selflessly to bring you the best coverage possible. Everyone enjoys something different in their web experience, and there are plenty of choices out there. Thank YOU for making MHR part of that journey. We all may not agree all the time, but I appreciate each and everyone of you - and YOUR contributions through Fan Posts, Fan Shots and Comments. It is there that you take ownership in Mile High Report and there that you make your voice be heard in Broncos Country.

Thanks to the men that work along side me on the front page each and every day. We may not be Pulitzer Prize winning writers, but everything comes from a special place in our heart. Thanks to the men and women that contribute to MHR. Your efforts come from that same place.

Denver Broncos fans are the greatest fans in the world. That is why we will keep doing what we do, no matter if you visit once a year, once a month, once a week, once a day or if MHR is your homepage. Here's to a great 2011...and beyond!