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Brady Quinn Could Be Broncos Starting Quarterback?

Lost in all of the Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow quarterback talk is the guy the Broncos traded Madden '12 coverboy Peyton Hillis to acquire, Brady Quinn.  Even I have to remind myself at times that Quinn is another quarterback on the roster - and for good reason, many think that Quinn's presence at quarterback would mean a doomsday scenario in which the Broncos top-2 quarterbacks are hurt.

Everyone, that is, except for John Elway and John Fox, according to ESPN's Chris Mortenson, anyway.  Mort said as much this morning on ESPN Radio.  I heard it, and so did the likes of Pro Football Talk.

"I can tell you unequivocally that if you talk to John Elway and John Fox," Mortensen said, "they will tell you emphatically that Brady Quinn is absolutely in the mix in terms of the competition for the starting job. They are not handing it to Tim Tebow. They are not handing it to Kyle Orton. They may have a depth chart to start out, but I know in communicating and speaking to both men that Brady Quinn is not forgotten."

We've now heard all three quarterbacks have a legitimate shot at the starting quarterback spot - which goes hand-in-hand with John Fox's mentality of letting his eyes make personnel decisions - the best 11 players will play, based on what they do on the field.  Since Fox and Elway have yet to see any of the quarterbacks due to the Lockout, why make any broad-stroke statements?

The belief is the Tim Tebow has the inside track to be the starter while Kyle Orton will be sent packing once the Lockout ends.  Quinn, thus, would become the backup and a quarterback sneak away from being the starting quarterback for the Broncos.  It is probably wise of Elway and Fox to make sure Quinn knows he is still in their stream of consciousness.